www.zimsec.co.zw A level results 2022

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www.zimsec.co.zw A level results 2022

www.zimsec.co.zw A level results 2022

The Republic of Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Education, Sports, and Culture has delegated administration of public examinations in schools to the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC), an independent parastatal.


The National Academic Recognitiation Centre (NARIC) in the United Kingdom evaluated its curricula and determined that it was equivalent to the General Certificate of Education Standard offered in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, and the other English-speaking nations, leading to the Council’s conferring of internationally recognized credentials.

Get your Zimbabwe ZIMSEC A level Results in 2022. View the ZIMSEC A level result for 2022, broken down by school and by student name.



You may view your 2022 A level results for all classes in Zimbabwe from the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) in this article. You can use either a roll number or a name to search your results. You can check your ZIMSEC A level result for 2022 by visiting the link provided below. The outcome is something that always terrifies the students, and if the ZIMSEC A level exam result is involved, I’m sure you’re sweating in that place right now. Whatever the outcome, you must maintain your composure.



All students who took the ZIMSEC A level exams this year can see their results by clicking the link below. Please be aware that it can take a while for the official ZIMSEC A level result page to load. Students are therefore urged to have patience.




ZIMSEC level checker results 2022

Candidates may view their results once ZIMSEC has made them public. via the ZIMSEC results website


Visit https://www5.zimsec.co.zw first, then follow the instructions below!


  1. The Centre Number should be entered.
  2. the four-digit Candidate Number, please.
  3. Select June or November from the drop-down box for the session.
  4. Choose O’Level or A’Level from the drop-down list of levels.
  5. Indicate the year that you took the test.
  6. Name of the candidate to be entered must match that on the statement of entry.
  7. The account won’t be created if the name entered differs in any way from the one on the statement of entrance.
  8. Enter your birthdate in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
  9. Give the application a username that you want to use to log in.
  10. Enter your password, which must include a capital letter, a number, and a non-alphabetic character. Zimsec123!, for instance, would be a reliable password.
  11. In the confirm password text box, enter the password once more.
  12. To register, press the button.
  13. When an account is successfully registered, the application will reroute to the login screen.
  14. The application will show any faults on the screen if there are any.
  15. In case they forget their password, the candidate should keep in mind both their Username and Security Phrase.

Check ZIMSEC A level Results for 2022 now.


The result page may take a while to load due to the server’s slow pace, therefore we ask that all students exercise patience.


Zimsec A Level  2022 results expected today

The Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (Zimsec) will disclose the Advanced Level 2022 examination results today, however it is still unclear when the Ordinary Level examination results would be made public due to significant leaks that occurred during the examination period the previous year.

Along with school administrators and teachers, more than 600 students were linked to the swindle; some of them have subsequently been detained and charged. Zimsec deputy director Farai Zisengwe recently testified before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Primary and Secondary Education and described the probe as a difficult process.

This came after the mathematics, English, and integrated science exam papers were leaked. The Advanced Level exam went without a hitch.

Results for the Advanced Level will be made public today, according to Zimsec spokesperson Nicky Dlamini.

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