www.police.go.tz Ajira Mpya Jeshi la Polisi | Tanzania Police Job Vacancies

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www.police.go.tz Ajira Mpya Jeshi la Polisi | Tanzania Police Job Vacancies



www.police.go.tz Ajira Mpya Jeshi la Polisi | Tanzania Police Job Vacancies

United Republic of Tanzania Ministry of Interior Affairs Tanzanian Police Force


The Chief of the Tanzania Police Force is announcing job openings for young people who have finished training with the Nation Building Force (JKT) and the Economy Building Force (JKU). This includes people in the camps and outside of the camps who have a Fourth Form education, Diploma, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or Degree.


Ajira za Polisi 2022/2023 Qualifications for Applicants

a) You must have been born in Tanzania.
b) Must have finished JKT/JKU training. c) Must have finished the fourth grade between 2016 and 2017 and be between 18 and 25 years old.

d) Degree, Higher Diploma, and Diploma graduates should be between the ages of 18 and 30.
e) Have a national identity card or number from the National Identity Authority (NIDA).


f) A government doctor should certify that he is in good physical and mental health.
g) He shouldn’t have a history of breaking the law.
h) He should be single, married, or already have a child.


I His body shouldn’t have any marks on it (tattoo)
j) He should be at least 5.5 feet (5’5.5″) tall for men and 5’3″ (5’3″) tall for women.
k) He must have never used drugs.


l) He should be ready for the first part of his training to become a police officer.
m) He can’t work for any other government agency.
n) Be prepared to work as a police officer anywhere in Tanzania.
o) Those who do well in the interview will be chosen.


p) If he gets hired, he should be ready to pay for himself at all stages of the interview.
q) Attachment A shows the fields for people with a Diploma, Diploma, Higher Diploma, or Degree.
r) The application deadline is December 27, 2022.


Ajira za Polisi 2022 Application procedure

i. All applicants should write their own application letters by hand (Handwriting) and include their phone numbers at the address: Chief of Police, S.L.P 961, DODOMA.


ii. Fourth-form applicants who have already graduated from JKT/JKU training and those who are still in the camps should give their letters to the camp chiefs.
iii. Fourth-form applicants who have graduated from JKT/JKU training and live outside the camps (uriani) should send their application letters to the Regional Police Commanders.


iv. Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree, Higher Diploma, Diploma, and the qualifications listed in Attachment A will need to fill out Attachment B, which is available on the Police website and shows his personal information.


Scanning should not be used to send the form (Scan).
You have to download it, fill in the information, and then send it all together and pray. All applications should be sent to [email protected] via email, not through the mail. Applications sent by hand or through the mail will not be accepted.

3. All applicants must include copies of the following:

a. Copy of a birth certificate
b. A copy of the NIDA number or National ID
c. A copy of the JKT/JKU training certificate for those who are not in camps.
d. Copies of professional licenses and degrees (Academic Certificates).
e. Copies of high school diplomas (called “Leaving Certificates”).


From: Head of the Tanzanian Police Force Police Headquarters S.L.P. 961 DODOMA


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    Actually it’s perfectly great, and let us maintain those procedures in order to presave our patriotism.

  2. Bachelor degree of education in science.

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