Where can I find the 2022 matric results online?

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Where can I find the 2022 matric results online?, when will Matric Results 2022 be Released, South Africa Matric Examination 2022, Matric Results 2022

Where can I find the 2022 matric results online?

Angie Motshekga, minister of the Department of Basic Education (DBE), will reveal the 2022 matriculation examination results on Thursday, January 19, 2023. They will be available at exam centers, online, and in the following day’s newspapers.

The most recent group of matriculants in South Africa began taking their examinations on 31 October 2022 and finished on 7 December.

923,460 learners, including full-time and part-time students, registered for the matriculation examinations in 2022, a 3% rise over 2021.

On 10 December, a crew of 52,811 graders began scoring the November 2022 National Senior Certificate tests. The marking period ended on December 20.

Additional crucial dates concerning the matriculation examination results include:

Last day to apply for commenting of examination scripts is 3 February 2023, and the last day to register for a retake in May/June 2023 is 8 February 2023.


Scandal over alleged Matric cheating

In December 2022, a whistleblower stated that more than 370 students in Mpumalanga were implicated in a matric test cheating fraud.

Reportedly, the program entailed paying professors up to R1,500 to provide exam answers via WhatsApp groups while students were taking exams.

One of the clubs, “Road to Varsity,” offered solutions to math and physical science examination questions.

The informant said that around 370 grade 12 pupils from three schools in Mpumalanga were part of the organization.

At least two more comparable organizations utilized subscription fees.

An investigation of one of the schools, Magigwana Secondary, revealed that it had the greatest number of bachelor’s degree graduates in the province in 2021.

A review of the school’s recorded student figures reveals that 527 of its 1,008 students are matriculants, despite the fact that only 243 students are registered for Grade 11 in 2021.

Three further schools, Dlumana High, Nyamazane High, and Mugena High, also have extraordinarily high matriculation rates.

a number of DBE webpages
On Friday, 20 January 2023, the DBE will post the provisional results of Matric learners on its website.

Learners are required to visit the DBE website and provide their information, including their ID number, exam number, and email address.

The DBE website is unmetered, so schoolchildren can visit it without worrying about the amount of bandwidth it consumes.

The provincial departments of the DBE will also make the findings accessible to matriculants. Following are hyperlinks to the DBE’s websites:



When will the results of the Matric be out?

On January 19, 2023, the Minister of Basic Education will tell everyone how they did on the final test.

The 20th of January 2023 is the date to check the Matric Results for 2022.

Read on to find out how to check the results by text message and online. You can also get the results from the schools near you. Here are some important dates to remember between January 20th and March 15th, 2023.



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Highlights of the Matric results

Early February: Checking and marking again
By the middle of March, schools and the education ministry’s website will have application forms.

Beginning in early June 2022, you can sign up for the NSC supplementary exam.

Mid-June 2022: 2022 NSC exam certificates will be picked up at schools

Check Matric Results Online, at School, in the Newspaper, by SMS and USSD


1. Get your Matric scores at school.

In some provinces, students can get their test results from their schools. The schools used strict COVID-19 control measures last year. This year is back to normal, which is good news.

Before going to your schools, please call them. Before you go, call the school and find out what kind of ID and proof you need to show to get your results.

Also, before you go, make sure the school’s caretakers, head teachers, and principals are there.

2. Check online for the matric results in 2023

The Department of Education has put out instructions on how to check the matric results for the year 2023 online. Here are three places where matriculants can go online to check their results.


3. Results via SMS or USSD:

2022 matrics can sign up to get their results via SMS by texting their exam number to 35658 or dialing *120*35658# and following the prompts.

Once the system confirms that the learner is who they say they are, it will send their results as soon as they are ready.

The cost of an SMS is between R1.50 and R3, and the cost of USSD per minute depends on your cell phone provider.


4. Newspapers:

On January 20, 2023, most of the major daily newspapers in South Africa will print the matric results.

Matriculants and their families will need their exam numbers to find out how they did on their exams, since names aren’t given out.


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