When is sassa payment for January 2023 – South Africa

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When is sassa payment for January 2023,When is sassa payment for January 2023 – South Africa


When is sassa payment for January 2023 – South Africa

Due Date For SASSA Grant Payments In January 2023

January 2023 is the payment date for the R350 SASSA grant. Please record these dates in your calendar, on your phone, or in your mind so that you do not forget. The ongoing SASSA grant payments for all South Africans is something that the South African government should be applauded for.

If you wish to apply for or reapply for the R350 SASSA grant, please go here. If you are considering launching a business with your grant money, take a cue from Pumla and others who began successful businesses with R350 in grant money.

General SASSA Grant Payment VS SASSA R350 Grant Payment

Permit me to clarify some confusion regarding the payment date for SASSA grants for the two;

There is a variation between the timing of the standard SASSA award payments and the R350 grant payment.

For the R350 payment, there is no definite date, but it is typically made after the regular SASSA payment; therefore, this guide will provide you with the dates and timetable for all of them so that you may view, verify, and plan to receive this money.

Let me also inform you that the SASSA SRD R350 grant money, often known as the Covid grant or unemployment grant (unofficially), has been extended for the next twelve months, until March 2024.

At Mamzansi, we respect Ramaphosa, and we believe that everyone should respect this guy, President Cyril Ramaphosa, for his support of all South Africans.

sassa grant payment date

How To Receive SASSA Grant Funds

The South African Social Security Agency, often known as SASSA, issued a guideline on how recipients of these monies can receive their money. You can get your money either:

A number of grocery stores, including ShopRite, Pick N Pay, USave merchants, Boxer, and checkers ( I am not sure SPAR is included).
Electronic funds transfer to your bank account
By means of your SASSA card ( to me, this is the easiest)
CashSend Postbank of ABSA


Dates of SASSA Payments January 2023

Please see below for the payment date of SASSA grants for the year 2023:

January 2023 Grants for Senior Citizens: Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Grants for Seniors: Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Grant for the disabled: Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Child Support Allowance Additionally: January 5, 2023
Once the January payment has been made, I will update payments for February, so please check back.


How Much Does SASSA Pay Per Grant?

According to the Brooklyn Institute and the Academia university, these awards truly aid the less privileged members of society and have a good influence, despite the fact that some individuals and politicians have complained about their size.

This is a very essential section, and I would like you to read it carefully so that you understand how much you will be paid on these dates.

This award was established at the height of the Covid 10 epidemic. Currently, you will be compensated R350.

Child Support Allowance
Allow me to clarify a few aspects of the child support grant. There are R480 and R720 payments. Currently, the R480 payout is for one kid and is paid to the mother. The R720 payment is for the primary caretaker of an orphaned child, thus it is per child.

Foster Child Assistance
The monthly foster child support allowance is R1070 per child. What exactly is a foster child? A foster child is a child put in your care by a court order because the child is an orphan (i.e., has no biological parents), is being abused, or has been neglected/abandoned.

Care Dependency assistance
For this, you receive R1980 each month per child.

Disability Grant
This award provides you with R1990 per month.

Old Age Allowance / Pensioner Assistance
If you are younger than 72, you receive R1990 per month; if you are older than 72, you receive R1990 per month. However, you must be at least 60 years old.

War Veteran’s Grant
The monthly amount is R2010




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