Wanaoongoza Kwa Assists NBC Premier League 2022-2023

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Wanaoongoza Kwa Assists NBC Premier League 2022-2023, Top Assist NBC Premier League 2022/2023

In order for a goal to be scored, a chance must be created if not for the goal scorer’s efforts to not receive an assist pass.There are players who are famous for their great ability to create goals when they play with their teammates on the field.The following are the top scorers in the NBC Premier League 2022-2023

Wanaoongoza Kwa Assists NBC Premier League 2022-2023

1:Clatous Chama – Simba SC = 11.
2: Ayoub Lyanga – Azam FC = 7.
3:Saido Ntibanzonkiza – Simba = 7
4:Sixtus Sabilo – Mbeya City = 6
5: Mohamed Hussein – Simba SC = 5.
6:Ally Ramadhani – Kagera Sugar = 4
7:Nicolas Gyan – Singida Big Stars = 4.
8:Joyce Lomalisa – Yanga SC = 3
9:Ismail Mhesa – Mtibwa Sugar = 3.
10:Josepg Mahundi – Ihefu =2.
11: Salum Abubakar – Yanga SC = 2.





In Tanzania, the Tanzania Football Federation oversees the Tanzania Mainland Premier League (Swahili: Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara), the country’s premier professional football league. The “National League” was established in 1965. The name was altered to “First Division Soccer League” in the 1970s and then “Premier League” in 1997.



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Each team in the Tanzanian Premier League (TPL) plays every other side twice (once at home and once on the road) in a double round robin schedule. Three points are awarded to the victor of each match, one point to the winners and losers alike, and no points are awarded for a tie.

The System of Promotion and Demotion
The two worst-performing teams in the Premier League will be demoted to the second-tier Championship and replaced by the Championship’s champion and runner-up. There is a play-off between the third and fourth worst teams and the third and fourth placed teams from the First Division.


Tanzania’s men’s national football team, known as the Timu ya Taifa ya Mpira wa Miguu ya Tanzania in Swahili, competes in international competition under the auspices of the Tanzania Football Federation. They play their home games at Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium in Dar es Salaam and are coached by fellow countryman Dean Alty. The Taifa Stars are a popular nickname for them. Tanzania has never made it to the World Cup tournament. Tanganyika national football squad, now representing both FIFA and the Confederation of African Football alongside Zanzibar after their merger (CAF).

Zanzibar, now part of Tanzania but formerly autonomous, is an associate member of CAF and has played in friendly matches against other countries but is ineligible to compete in the World Cup or Africa Cup of Nations. Look up the national football squad of Zanzibar.


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