Wanafunzi 10 bora Matokeo Kidato cha Pili 2022 Top ten Form Two Results 2022/2023

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Wanafunzi 10 bora Matokeo Kidato cha Pili 2022 Top ten Form Two Results 2022/2023,Wanafunzi 10 bora kidato cha Pili 2022/2023


Wanafunzi 10 bora Matokeo Kidato cha Pili 2022 Top ten Form Two Results 2022/2023

NECTA’s History in Brief

The Curriculum and Examinations Section of the Ministry of Education was in charge of all examinations after Tanzania Mainland left the East African Examinations Council in 1971 and before NECTA was constituted by law in 1973. With the foundation of NECTA, the duty for the Examinations was transferred to it in accordance with the law. The Curriculum remained under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and the University College of Dar es Salaam until 1975, when it was taken over by the newly founded, autonomous Institute of Curriculum Development (ICD), which was renamed the Tanzania Institute of Education in 1993. (TIE).

Mr. P. P Gandye, who was recruited in 1972 and later named as Executive Secretary in 1994, was among the first NECTA staff members hired between 1972 and 1976. Other employees were hired even after NECTA’s headquarters moved from the Ministry of Education’s headquarters to its current location in Kijitonyama, near Mwenge. NECTA currently employs more than 250 people.


Wanafunzi 10 bora kidato cha Pili 2021/2022

1. Geovin Macha – Shule ya Jude Arusha
2. Moses Masome – Heritage Pwani
3. Pius Tairo – Tengeru Arusha
4. Henry Shelembi -Jude Arusha
5. Shilanga Malegi – Heritage Pwani
6. Loi Kitundu – Feza Girls – DSM
7. Joshua Leo – Tengeru Boys Arusha
8. Brian Chille – Marian Mkoa wa Pwani
9. Cornel Karoli – Jude Arusha
10. Elizabeth Msengi – St. Monica Arusha.


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The Inception of NECTA

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) is a government organization founded by Parliamentary Act No. 21 of 1973. NECTA is in charge of administering all National Examinations in Tanzania.

The decision to form NECTA was a continuation of an earlier action, made in April 1971, when Tanzania Mainland withdrew from the East African Examinations Council (EAEC) to run her own examinations. Zanzibar left the EAEC in 1970. Prior to the withdrawal, between 1968 and 1971, Tanzania sat for foreign Secondary School Examinations jointly administered by the East African Syndicate, which had previously been administered solely by the Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. The Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate then administered the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate Examinations. African students first took the School Certificate Examinations in 1947, and the Higher School Certificate Examinations in 1960.


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