Wachezaji wanaoachwa Yanga 2022 Young Africans Sports Club

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Wachezaji wa Kimataifa wanaoachwa Yanga 2022 Young Africans Sports Club

Yanga Sc, often known as Young Africans Sports Club, is a football club located in Jangwani, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Benjamin Mkapa Stadium is where the club plays their home games..

The club, which is known as the Young Boys (Yanga), has won 28 league titles and numerous domestic cups, as well as participating in multiple CAF Champions League tournaments. CECAFA Club Championship victories are among the club’s many accomplishments. The club has been a symbol of the anti-colonial movement since independence. TANU decided to make yellow and green their primary colours after they noticed how young Africans were mobilised by nationalists and freedom fighters. The club is currently split into 49% ownership for investors and 51% for club members.



Tetesi wachezaji watakaoachwa na Yanga Sc 2022

International Players/Wachezaji wa Kimataifa

  1. Yacouba Songne ( Bado kuna mjadala )
  2. Heritier Makambo
  3. Chico Ushindi

Wachezaji wa Ndani / Local Players

  1. Paul Godfrey
  2. Balama Mapinduzi
  3. Deus Kaseke
  4. Yassin Mustapha



Why Football Transfers Will Continue to Be Important

Footballers transferring from one club to another is an intriguing part of the industry. In the modern game, footballers are often under contract for several years and it can be difficult to find a new team unless a transfer fee has been agreed beforehand. The peak of Footballer Transfer Season usually occurs during July and August every year when most clubs have completed their pre-season friendlies and are ready to compete competitively. Players moving between clubs is nothing new, with records of transfers dating back to the 19th century. In recent years, however, Football Transfers have taken on a whole new significance with professional scouts tracking players in the likes of the fifth-tier of English football leagues as well as smaller European competitions like Finland’s Veikkausliiga and Norway’s Eliteserien. Here’s why Football Transfers will continue to be important…

Transfer Fees Are Becoming More Staggering

The most obvious reason to why Football Transfers will continue to be important is the staggering transfer fees that are becoming more common. Clubs are willing to spend millions of pounds on new players, but the pressure is on the staff and scouts to find the right players at the right price. As a result, clubs are now scouting all over the world, including smaller leagues that have smaller transfer budgets and less exposure to international scouting networks. In the Premier League, the average transfer fee has increased every season since 2010 and currently stands at £89.5M. This is a large amount, especially for clubs that earn less revenue on matchdays and don’t have as much in the way of commercial partnerships or sponsorship deals. Transfer fees are a significant portion of a club’s expenditure, and if a club is spending significant amounts of money on new players, they’re likely to be increasing the transfer fee budget to match.


Clubs Need to Earn the Money They Pay Out

In addition to the staggering transfer fees that clubs are willing to pay for the new players, it’s important to remember that clubs also need to earn the money they pay out. The average football club has a very small profit margin compared to other industries, and many football clubs are unprofitable. The Premier League is the top league in the world in terms of revenue from broadcast rights, but even the top teams negotiate with their stadiums and local authorities to secure lower rent or lower taxes. For example, Manchester United are expected to earn a record-breaking £511m in the 2018/19 season thanks to the Premier League broadcast rights, but the club only receives a portion of the broadcast rights (£12.3m) and must cover the rest of the Premier League clubs’ expenses as well as their own. This means that clubs, especially in the Premier League, need to earn the money they pay out. Clubs will only be willing to spend so much on transfer fees and first-year salaries without expecting significant future returns.


The Rise of the Scouting Network

The rise of the football scouting network has been important for the industry. In the past, clubs tended to sign players from their domestic leagues, but the rise of the internet and advancements in communication technology have allowed scouts to watch and communicate with players from all around the world. Today, many clubs have full-time staff dedicated to scouting around the world, including smaller leagues that previously may not have been given as much attention. While the rise of the scouting network has allowed clubs to sign players from smaller leagues, it has also given them more options when looking for transfer targets. This is important, because many clubs are beginning to become more discerning with their transfer targets.


Footballers Will Continue to Be Valuable Assets

The most important reason why Football Transfers will continue to be important is the future value of footballers. At the moment, many of the world-record transfers are between clubs in Europe, but this could change in the future as the Chinese Super League continues to grow in popularity and Guangzhou Evergrande opens a training centre in Brazil. This could see footballers become more valuable across the world, especially as the industry continues to grow. With more countries investing in football and the sport gaining popularity in regions like the Middle East and Southeast Asia, the demand for highly skilled footballers will likely increase. In addition, the sport will likely become more profitable as fresh sources of revenue from the game continue to grow. This could see clubs become more willing to spend on transfer fees and first-year salaries, especially as the revenue from these transfers grows.



Football Transfers will continue to be important for the modern game because clubs will continue to buy and sell players. Clubs need money, and the best way to make money is to sign new players. The best way to sign new players is to buy new players, and the best way to buy new players is to sign new football transfers.

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