Voda Mtonyo Everything You Need to Know – Vodacom Tanzania

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Voda Mtonyo Everything You Need to Know – Vodacom Tanzania

Voda Mtonyo Everything You Need to Know – Vodacom Tanzania


1. What is Voda Mtonyo?

VODA MTONYO is a new Vodacom Product that allows our pre-paid customers to invite their family and friends that have not subscribe Pindua Pindua for more than 1 month and earn reward on their every Pindua bundle subscription from VODA MTONYO

2. How does a customer invite a friend?

Vodacom customers with active Pindua Bundle(s) can invite 3 friends FREE every day and get reward in your M-Pesa account whenever the invited friend subscribes to the recommended MTONYO Bundle.
To invite a friend dial
*149*03# > 3.
 Voda Mtonyo > 1.Invite a Friend then Enter Friends Number
Your Friend to be available for recommendation

  • • Should not be Pindua (i.e does not have a valid Pindua have not purchased Pindua bundles in last 30 days )
  • • Should not be under another recommendation

3. Will I be charged when I recommend a friend?

The first 3 recommendation in a day are FREE of charge. A customer will be charged only TZS 20 from the 4th recommendation of the day.

4. How much do I get for reward?

Party A will receive reward for their recommendation up to 4 generations. Rewards are calculated based on the price of the purchased bundles

Tier/ Generation Generation reward to A-Party
1st B-Party (Invited by A) 10%
2nd C-Party (Invited by B) 5%
3rd D-Party (Invited by C) 2.5%
4th E-Party (Invited by E) 2.5%

5. When do I stop getting reward?

  • After a successful recommendation if your friend does not buy Pindua bundle after 7 days the recommendation expires and you will not to get reward from their bundle subscription.
  • When your bundle expires, all your recommendations will expire after 3 days without Purchasing Pindua bundle. To keep on getting rewards don’t stop to buy Pindua pindua
  • When your friend’s Voda Mtonyo bundle expires, your recommendation to him/her will expire after 3 days without subscribing to Mtonyo bundle. To keep on getting rewards your friend should not stop buying Mtonyo bundles

6. How do I receive my reward?

Customer will receive Instant reward via M-PESA account as soon after the friend has subscribed to Voda Mtonyo Bundle
Customer must have a valid M-PESA Account to receive their rewards.

7. How do I see my Network?

You can see the number of people you have invited and number of their friends they have invited byDialing:
*149*03# then 3.Voda Mtonyo > 3.Information > 4.My network
Your network & reward
1st generation (10%)=30 people
2nd generation (5%)=36 people
3rd generation (2.5%)=20 people
4th generation (2.5%)=5 people


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Voda Mtonyo – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Once a prepaid customer has a valid Pindua bundle or have bought pindua last 3 days, can invite his/her friend to subscribe to Voda Mtonyo bundle and earn reward from their subscription.

2. An invitation to a friend will expire if that friend will not subscribe to the recommended bundle within 7 days after recommendation, a customer will have to invite that friend again to buy Pindua in order to earn reward from their recommended bundle subscriptions.

3. Voda Mtonyo reward will be paid on a valid recommendation only

4. Customer will receive instant cash reward in their M-Pesa account

5. First three invitation trials in a day are free, there after invitation on the same day will be charged 20 Tsh/Sms

6. A friend will receive an invitation message with Sender’s ID as Voda Mtonyo

7. Voda Mtonyo will be accessed via Voda Mtonyo Menu under *149*03# then Option 3

8. Once a friend converts they have to keep purchasing recommended bundle so as person who recommended him continues to receive reward. Similarly the recommender should continue to use Pindua to be able to earn the reward.

9. Vodacom (T) PLC reserves the right to amend or vary these terms and conditions or to withdraw the product at any time. In any of these events, notice will be effective immediately or as at the date referred in such notifications.


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