Vituo vya Kutolea Chanjo Corona Tanzania

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Vituo vya Kutolea Chanjo Corona Tanzania | Centers for Vaccine

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Government through the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children
has started distributing UVIKO-19 vaccines in all regions of the country. Vaccination distribution is based on the reported cases of patients suspected of having UVIKO-19, the number of target groups for the priority group as well as the number of vaccines currently available.
In addition, the Government through the authority of medicines and medical devices (TMDA), Chief Chemist’s Laboratory, National Central Laboratory and Other Instruments,
all have verified and satisfied the safety and quality of these Janssen vaccines from Johnson & Johnson Company in the United States.
According to the National Immunization Vaccine Guidelines for STIs, that World Health Organization (WHO), COVAX FACILITY guidelines and limitations of production of vaccines from factories, These vaccines are CURRENTLY issued in compliance the priorities of the most needy groups which are (1) Industrial workers
of Health, (2) adults 50 years and older and (3) people with diseases. As the Government has been pointing out, vaccinations for all groups the country is voluntary or free for every citizen. Since vaccines received
currently not sufficient for the beneficiaries of all groups in the country, other groups will be vaccinated in the next phase, once they arrive
The government is expected to provide coverage to target groups from the 3rd August 2021, on Tuesday, at 550 service delivery centers in all regions of mainland Tanzania. A list of such facilities is also available on the ministry’s website; All targeted citizens, who want to be vaccinated voluntarily, they are supposed to do the following things;

Johnson -

Vituo vya Kutolea Chanjo Corona

1. Check if they are in the current three (3) target groups.
2. Preparing a Job ID, NIDA, Driver’s License, Voter,
Passport or any other legally recognized ID.
3. Make a booking of the day of vaccination using the internet in the phone
/ Your computer (online) via or on the go
directly at the station and register from Monday 2 August
4. Complete the voluntary immunization form,
Vituo vya Kutolea Chanjo Corona Tanzania

Vituo vya Kutolea Chanjo Tanzania Covid 19
The Ministry instructs the Chief Regional and District Physicians in the country, to complete all necessary preparations for vaccination, so that by 03 August 2021, immunization should be started at designated centers in the regions. Because of needs and arrangements of the respective Region, they can increase the number of stations to reduce congestion at stations. In addition, in this exercise, citizens, will be registered in our National Immunization system and they will be certified after vaccination.


I direct also for this allocation of COVAX FACILITY is prohibited from any (public) hospital or personal) to charge Citizens any cost in this vaccination exercise and be done fairly and fairly to the current beneficiaries.
With the Sixth Phase Government under Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of United Republic of Tanzania, to achieve access to immunization in the country and to start vaccinating citizens, the Ministry of Health continues to advise citizens continue to protect yourself from UVIKO-19 by washing hands, wearing masks, staying away
of one meter or more, avoid congestion and exercise.
Finally, I would like to once again thank our Government of Hon. President Samia Suluhu Hassan and the US government, for achieving access to these vaccines which have gone through the same COVAX program. I also thank all our stakeholders  vaccine for your major contributions to achieving access to the vaccine. In addition The Government congratulates our Leaders and Citizens who have already responded voluntary charging exercise.
Vituo vya Kutolea Chanjo Corona Tanzania
Issued by
Prof. Abel N. Makubi
Dar es Salaam, July 30, 2021.

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