Viingilio Siku ya Wananchi 2022/2023 Young Africans Tickets

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Viingilio Siku ya Wananchi 2022/2023 Young Africans Tickets




VIP C – TZS 20,000 VIP

VIP B – TZS 30,000

VIP A – TZS 150,000

VVIP – TZS 300,000

How to Create a Successful Football Team

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Football is a team sport with 11 players on each side. While every player must know their position, you also need individuals who can think outside the box and find ways to exploit their opponents’ weaknesses. It is not enough for each player to know what they need to do and when they need to do it, but each member of the team needs to be self-aware enough to understand how their actions impact the team. In other words, footballers need not just positional awareness, but cognitive awareness as well. Players who understand situational analysis are better able to make smart decisions in real time, which is why creating a successful football team begins with these seven steps:


Define your roles

The foundation upon which all else is built, team roles can change depending on the situation, but they also need to be clear and consistent. For example, you might have a quarterback who is also a strong runner, or a linebacker who can also play as a safety. If you have a player who can fill multiple roles, that can give you real flexibility; but, at the same time, if everyone does multiple things, you have no consistency.


Hold pre-game trainings

Pre-game trainings help your players get into their right mindset: to focus on the task at hand rather than any distractions or self-imposed pressure. In a game situation, footballers need to be so focused on the game that they are almost unaware of themselves. They must be able not only to follow their own game plan and execute their individual responsibilities, but also to anticipate the actions of their opponents. Pre-game trainings help your footballers focus on the right things and tune out any distractions that might otherwise cause them to lose focus.


Establish communication protocols

Football is both a team and a positional sport, which means each individual has a particular role and teammates also have particular roles. Each player must know the roles of their teammates, and teammates must know each other’s roles. You may have an all-star team with the best players at each position, but if they don’t know each other’s signals, if they can’t communicate with one another, you don’t have a team. You have a collection of individuals. You should establish communication signals so that each player on the team knows the importance of communicating with each other.


Create a game plan

In addition to knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent, you need to know your own strengths and weaknesses. You need to know how to exploit your opponents’ weaknesses while minimizing their strengths. You also need to know how to exploit your own strengths. Each game is different and requires slightly different strategies. You may find that your opponent is stronger than you in certain areas, but you also need to take into account the weather, the time of day, and other game-specific factors. You should create a game plan that is flexible enough to accommodate minor changes in your opponent or game factors.


Add flexibility with special teams

Every football team should have special teams, which are groups of players who specialize in certain aspects of the game that their regular position does not cover. Special teams cover the kick-off, punt, and field goal situations, as well as any other part of the game that is less than regular play. For example, if your team is on defence and the other team’s kick-off returner gets past your coverage, you don’t want to have your whole team run down to cover the kick-off. Most likely, this would put your defence out of position and leave your team open to a quick score. Instead, you would have a special teams group ready to run down and cover the kick-off.


Don’t neglect conditioning and fitness

If you have a strong game plan, you need to be able to execute the game plan. If your team is not in shape, they will not be able to execute the game plan. Football is a violent and tiring sport. If you want your team to avoid injuries and be able to maintain consistent performance throughout the game, you need to make sure your players are in shape. You don’t have to have an NFL-level workout facility to do this, but you do have to have a consistent plan. You should have a pre-season plan that gets your players into shape and a regular workout plan that gets them ready for the season. Consistency is key.


Finding the right players

The hard part is finding the right players. Your task is to find players who are not only talented, but also have the right mindset for the team you want to build. You need players who are willing to put the team before themselves, who are self-aware enough to know when to execute their role and when to sacrifice for the betterment of the team. Finding the right players is the most important aspect of building a successful football team. And, while you can sometimes change a player’s position, you rarely can change a player’s personality.



The journey to building a successful football team begins with defining your team’s roles, holding pre-game trainings, and establishing communication protocols. Your team must also create a game plan and add flexibility with special teams. You also must not neglect conditioning and fitness while finding the right players to build your team. In the end, these nine steps will help you create a successful football team.

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