University of Cape Town Online Application Form 2023-2024 Apply Now

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University of Cape Town Online Application Form 2023-2024 Apply Now


Apply to UCT by submitting an online form.

Observations before submitting an online application to UCT:

  1. An email address is required to complete the application.
  2. Applicants from South Africa will require an ID number.
  3. A foreign applicant’s passport number is required.
  4. Before applying online, you must have enrolled for the NBTs.
  5. A cost for the application must be paid.
  6. Need a place to stay? Don’t forget to indicate this on your application.
  7. Before applying, don’t forget to look over the prerequisites for the faculty.
  8. Attention: Postgraduate applicants may only submit an online application.



For all applicants, UCT offers a single online application platform.


UCT Undergraduate Application Form, Download

Apply for the UCT Bachelor of Arts here.

Download the UCT Application Form for the Bachelor of Architectural Studies




Application for UCT Residence

On your application form, you can specify whether you’d prefer housing for students. Please be aware that requesting student housing is a necessary step in the application process. Due to the restricted availability of student housing units, UCT has a criteria for distributing these spaces.

As part of your admissions application to UCT, submit an application for student housing.

This means that no applications received after July 31 will be taken into consideration. If your application is approved, you will be assigned to a specific residence.

First-tier student housing is a requirement for first-time undergraduate applicants.

There are a limited number of residences available, and the applicants are chosen based on the following criteria. Meeting some of these requirements will give you priority for an offer of housing, but meeting others may just make you eligible for one. Below is further information on each of these categories’ requirements.

Minimum requirements for a student housing offer

You need to meet the following requirements in order to be given a student housing offer:


Prior to July 31st, either included a request for student housing in your original UCT application or altered it to do so; received a conditional or firm admissions offer at any time for the 2020 academic year.

the requirements for receiving preference for student housing

You will receive a priority offer of student housing for 2020 if you meet the minimal requirements and any of the following criteria:


You must be under 18 on February 1st, have applied for financial aid, and have been determined to be eligible for an award.


Alternatively, if you are applying for the South African National Senior Certificate (NSC), you must have received an Admissions Point Score of 540 out of 600 for two interim exams or only in your final grade 12 examination.


Along with your request for accommodations, such an application must be supported by the required supporting materials, which should be delivered directly to the Director: Student Housing & Residence Life.

eligibility requirements for student housing

There are numerous different approaches you could be qualified for a place in addition to the requirements that might ensure you a place in residence. An offer of student housing is not prioritized if you meet the following criteria:

Faculty merit: If you have a strong academic record and just miss the priority admission cut-off of 540 out of 600 for NSC applicants, or if you have a strong academic record but are not pursuing the National Senior Certificate, or if you are an international applicant, you may be given consideration.

Redress: If you belong to a protected group as described in the Admissions Policy, you might be given this category of consideration.

certain programs For applicants who will apply to and enrol for specific programs, some faculties reserve offers. These programs consist of:

Programs for music and drama in the faculty of humanities’ BSc Geomatics and Performing Arts division
These offers could be given at any point during the application process. We urge you to look for off-campus housing if you haven’t received an offer by the end of October 2019, even though you might still receive one as late as January 2020. For assistance, kindly get in touch with our Off-Campus Student Accommodation Services (OCSAS) office at 021 650 4934 or [email protected]

Contact 021 650 2977 or [email protected] with any general questions concerning available student housing.


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UCT application fees

There is a R100 application fee that must be paid by all applicants from South Africa and the SADC region. Outside of the SADC region, applicants must pay an R300 application fee.

Results and documents submission


All current matric applicants must submit both their most recent grade 12 results and their grade 11 results. Your application procedure can be delayed if you don’t submit these results.

Are you a student who is transferring? If so, you must make sure that the applications department has all of your transcripts and academic records to date as soon as feasible. You will also need to get a final transcript of your current coursework to UCT as soon as you can. Quite typical fare.

You can monitor the status of your application online after you’ve submitted it.

The University of Cape Town can be reached at:
Visit their website for additional information on how to apply to UCT.

You can also get in touch with the UCT Admissions Department by using the information provided below:

[email protected] Phone: 021 650 2128 Email

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