Top 5 Reasons to Get Excited for FIFA 23

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Top 5 Reasons to Get Excited for FIFA 23



Top 5 Reasons to Get Excited for FIFA 23

When it comes to football video games, no franchise has been more dominant than EA’s FIFA franchise. The series is so popular that it even inspired a movie. Because of its popularity, gamers expect a certain level of quality from every new entry in the series.


The result is that there are a lot of haters when it comes to the inevitable new features and modes that are announced with each new game. And yet, for all the complaints, those same haters are always eager to get their hands on the next release when it finally hits stores.


Why? Because despite its flaws, there’s something special about this series and its ability to bring us back to our childhood while still providing an entertaining experience in the present day. That being said, if you have been hesitant on whether or not you should get excited for FIFA 23 there are five reasons you will want to take notice as they may just change your mind. Let’s check them out below!

FIFA Has a Great Track Record of Improvements

One of the main reasons you should get excited for FIFA 23 is that EA has a great track record when it comes to improving the game with each new entry.


This is the same company that brought us one of the best-looking sports video games ever made with the Frostbite Engine-powered FIFA 17. It was a true leap in visual quality that looked so good that it made you want to leave your console on just to admire it.


Hopefully, FIFA 23 will bring similar leaps in quality as we saw with FIFA 19. The game featured much better AI, more realistic visuals, a new online mode, and a ton of other quality of life improvements that made it a much better game. Whether the game will take another leap forward in visual quality remains to be seen, but expect the added time between releases to bring some significant changes to the game.

FIFA is About to Get Much Better at Playing Online

One of the biggest issues with FIFA 19 was the fact that it played terribly online. In fact, the lag and awful network issues were so bad that people were voting with their wallets and choosing other sports games over FIFA 19. The problem was so bad, in fact, that there was even a petition for FIFA to fix its lag issues.


It’s safe to say that the developers heard those complaints loud and clear as there are reports that FIFA 23 will be a much better experience online. Indeed, there have been rumors that FIFA 23 will use Google’s cloud servers to help eliminate network issues. If that’s true, then expect to see a big leap in quality when it comes to online play. It’s also a smart move by EA since they are getting a free service in exchange for better online gameplay.

FIFA 23 Will Have Bigger Slickness Changes

One of the ways that EA improves the gameplay for each new FIFA game is by adding in new features that add a level of realism to the experience. Whether it’s a new touch mechanic to help you control the ball or a new collision system to make impacts feel more realistic, there are always new slickness changes being added to the game. We know that FIFA 23 will be different in that it will add in a new level of realism when it comes to the pitch. For example, they are adding in tear stains to make the game look more realistic. They are also adding new stadium dirt that will change throughout the game. Other major slickness changes include improved AI, new real-time weather, and a new story mode that will introduce a new character.

There’s a New Journey Mode

One of the biggest additions to FIFA 19 was the addition of a story mode known as The Journey. The mode saw you playing as a young football player on his path to superstardom. You would make choices that would determine your characters future. You would also be able to team up with other players online to play through a shared story. The mode was a huge hit for many reasons.


One, it helped bring a new level of realism to the game by adding in a story mode. Two, it added a new level of depth to the game thanks to the choices you made. Three, it added a competitive aspect thanks to the ability to team up with other players in a shared story. It looks like there will be some significant changes to The Journey mode in FIFA 23. The developers are changing the name to The Journey: Skill Games. There’s also going to be a new city that you will play in.

There’s a New Soccer Game Inside FIFA 23

One of the best things about The Journey was that you got to play a soccer game inside of FIFA 19. While it was a good game, it could have been even better if they had spent the development time on a completely new soccer game instead.


Thankfully, it sounds like EA is doing just that with FIFA 23 as they are adding a brand-new soccer game inside the game as well. Apparently, the soccer game will be called EA Sports Football. This is something that has been rumored for a while now. If it does come to fruition, then expect a truly next-gen soccer game that could be a great soccer game for the future.


The FIFA franchise is one of the most popular sports franchises in the world. That being said, there are a lot of haters when it comes to the inevitable new features and modes that are announced with each new game. The result is that there are complaints about everything. People who love soccer should get excited for FIFA 23 for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s because we know that EA is going to put their best foot forward in terms of improving the game.


Second, we know that the online is going to be much better. Third, there will be big changes to the slickness of the game. Fourth, there’s a brand-new soccer game inside FIFA 23. And fifth, there’s a new story mode that could be the best part of the game. If all of these things come to fruition, then FIFA 23 could be the best game in the franchise’s history.

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