The University of Dodoma UDOM Online Application Form 2022/2023

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The University of Dodoma UDOM Online Application Form 2022/2023

The University of Dodoma (UDOM) is a public university in central Tanzania located in Dodoma, the country’s capital.Building is taking place on a 6,000-hectare site in the Chimwaga area about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) east of downtown Dodoma.
The University of Dodoma was formally established in March 2007 following the signing of the Charter by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. The first academic programmes commenced September 2007. Currently UDOM is the fastest growing university within the country, it is bigger than any other university within the country, and it is praised for producing competent and qualified candidates capable of competing in job markets.
In line with Tanzania’s Development Vision 2025,[ the University of Dodoma, when fully operational, will be able to enroll 50,000 students. This is more than triple the size of the University of Dar es Salaam when UDOM becomes fully operational. Up to now it is 80% complete and is already two times bigger the size and capacity of The university of Dar es salaam.
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University of Dodoma 2022/2023

The university of Dodoma currently has seven colleges: College of Earth Science, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, College of Informatics and Virtual Education, College of Education, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Health and Allied Science and College of Business studies and Law, in recently there was also establishment of newly academic institute within college of humanities and social science UDOM named institute of Development studies(IDS) charged with responsibility of strengthening professionals within the field of Development studies.
The university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes from nearly all fields of knowledge.
In the college of education, several undergraduate programmes are provided with focus given to the issues facing education sector in Tanzania and abroad. There are 11 different bachelor’s degrees in the college of education.
The College of informatics and virtual education is well known for its excellence in the field of ICT in Tanzania and East African region in large. The college offers programmes both undergraduate and postgraduate in areas such as computer science, computer engineering, telecommunication engineering, information security, health and business information systems and many other programmes.
College of humanities and social sciences offers programmes relating to geography and environmental studies, languages, history, political science, international relation, development studies, theatre and film, art and design and many more programmes.
College of business studies and law provides various programmes aiming at preparing competent experts in the field of business studies and law. Several degree programmes are offered in this college, which include degree in accounting, finance, business administration, human resource management, international business, procurement and logistic management, information system management, economics, economic and sociology, economic and statistics and law.
In the college of Earth sciences programmes such as petroleum engineering, mineral processing engineering, mining, geology, geo-informatics, hydrology and environmental engineering are being offered.
The college of natural and mathematical sciences offers various degree programmes in the field of sciences and mathematics. There are three schools in this college, which are school of physical sciences which offers programmes such as physics and chemistry, school of mathematical sciences which provides programmes in mathematics and statistics as well as school of biological sciences which provides programmes in biology, aquaculture and aquatic sciences.
The college of health and allied sciences provides programmes like Medicine, Nursing and pharmacy. In postgraduate level students specialize in areas such as surgery, internal medicine, obstetric and gynaecology, microbiology and immunology, paediatric and child health as well as pathology. In the school of nursing and public health, programmes such as paediatric nursing, nursing education, public health and midwifery are offered
UDOM 2022/2023 College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Welcome to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS). CHSS is among the founding colleges of UDOM. CHSS was established in August 2008 after merging the School of Humanities and the School of Social Sciences to college level. Due to its relatively large size and diversity of programmes, the College was in 2016 split into two colleges; leading to the establishment of the new College of Business Studies and Law (CBSL).

Currently, CHSS is composed of two Schools: School Humanities, which includes Departments of; Foreign Languages and Literature, History, Kiswahili, and Arts Media and Design; and School Social Sciences that encompasses Departments of Political Science and Public Administration, Geography and Environmental Studies, Development Studies, and Sociology and Anthropology.
The College offers both degree and non-degree programmes in various disciplines. Presently, there are 45 programmes: 15 non-degree; 22 undergraduate, and 8 master programmes. Currently, enrolment at the College stands at 6,419 students, accounting for 25.7% of the total enrolment at UDOM. Of these, 5,934 are undergraduates, 113 are masters, and 372 are non-degree students.
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UDOM 2022/2023 College of Business Studies and Law (CBSL)
Welcome to the web page of the College of Business Studies and Law (CBSL). CBSL is one of the most dynamic and fast growing campus colleges at UDOM. It comprises two schools: School of Business Studies and Economics, and School of Law. The two schools offer various programmes, ranging from non-degree, degree, and graduate programmes. Presently, the School of Business Studies and Economics offers 22 programmes, of which 3 are diploma, 1 is certificate, 14 are undergraduate, and 3 are masters and PhD programmes. The School of Law offers 2 programmes: LL.B. and PhD. The college has over 2,700 students. Currently, the College has 130 members of staff of which 98 are academic staff, 19 of whom are PhD holders.
In its endeavour to ensure UDOM realise its Vision and Mission, and the country realise its development objective of poverty reduction and become a middle-income industrialised economy, the College offers a wide array of disciplines ranging from business, economics, law, and environmental and resource management. The College prides itself on excellence and quality teaching, research, consultancy, and commitment to community outreach activities to advance the frontiers of knowledge.
At CBSL, we cherish teamwork, quality, marketability, diligence, integrity, accountability, transparency, and innovation to facilitate skills and knowledge acquisition to both our staffs and students in order to induce impactful and tangible changes in teaching and learning. In so doing, it is our belief that our students will get and create greater and wider opportunities for venturing out and exploring broader horizons. Academic qualifications are indeed our core value and necessity, although not a sufficient condition for survival in today’s academic arena. Thus, a truly holistic education encompassing life skills is our dream.

This website provides information about our programmes, human resources, facilities, and services. We attempt to maintain our site up-to-date all the time.

College of Education, UDOM 2022/2023

Master of Arts in Education Full Time
2 Years
Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Full Time
3 Years
Bachelor of Education in Administration and Management Full Time
3 Years
Bachelor of Education in Guidance and Counseling Full Time
3 Years
Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education Full Time
3 Years
Bachelor of Education in Psychology Full Time
3 Years
Bachelor of Education in Policy Planning and Management Full Time
3 Years
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