Tetesi za Usajili Simba Sc Dirisha Dogo 2022/2023 Transfer News NBC Premier League

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Tetesi za Usajili Simba Sc Dirisha Dogo 2022/2023 Transfer News NBC Premier League,Tetesi za Usajili Simba Dirisha dogo,wachezaji waliosajiliwa Simba Dirisha Dogo


Tetesi za Usajili Simba Sc Dirisha Dogo 2022/2023 Transfer News NBC Premier League



Tanzania’s business city of Dar es Salaam is home to the Simba Sports Club, a professional football team based in the neighborhood of Kariakoo.

The club, which was founded in 1936 after its members split from the Tanzania Giants to form Dar Young Africans, took its name from the monarch of Great Britain. From “Queens” to “Eagles” to “Sunderland,” the club has gone through a number of monikers. When they changed their name to Simba in 1971.

Simba SC have competed in the CAF Champions League on multiple occasions, and have won 21 league titles and 5 domestic cup competitions. Having won the CECAFA Club Championship a record six times, they are also among the most successful clubs in East Africa.

The Benjamin Mkapa Stadium is where the Simba home games are held. With 1.9 million followers in 2022, an increase of 89% from the year before, Simba’s Instagram account was the most rapidly expanding among football clubs.

With a total budget of Sh 6.1 Billion (equivalent to $5.3 million) unveiled for the 2019/2020 season, the club is one of the wealthiest in East Africa.



Tetesi za Usajili Simba Dirisha Dogo




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Tanzania Premier League History

The first meeting of the league was held in Dar es Salaam in 1921.
By 1929 it had six participants. In the 1930s, it had street teams like Arab Sports (Kariakoo) and New Strong Team (Kisutu), which was mostly made up of Africans. The Sudanese community had its own team, but other communities were also represented. In 1941, it joined the league.

Other modern teams included the Khalsas, which was made up of only Sikhs, and the Ilala Staff, which was made up of people from Ilala.

In 1942, the league was dominated by public institutions like the Government School, Post Office, Railways SC, King’s African Rifles SC, Police SC, and Medical Department.

After World War II, however, most teams broke up and many European players stopped playing in the league. Their clubs, which included the Gymkhana Club, Police, King’s African Rifles, and Railways, eventually left the league. From the 1940s on, they were replaced by African street teams like Young Africans (Yanga) and Sunderland (known in 1942 as Old Boys and later as Simba), as well as the Goan’s Club, which was made up of Goans, and the Agha Khan Club, which was made up of Ismaili Khojas.

Around the middle of the 1940s, the Sudanese team broke up.

From this time on, Yanga and Sunderland slowly became the most popular and strongest clubs in Dar es Salaam. Yanga was founded in 1938. They quickly moved up to the top level of the league and won four major cups in 1942. Soon after Yanga, Sunderland moved up to the top league and won four important trophies in 1946.

By 1955, 38 clubs had joined the Dar es Salaam league.

By 1965, it was called the “National League” and had most of Tanzania’s best teams in it. Later, it was called the “First Division Soccer League,” and in 1997, it became the “Premier League.” The championship was sponsored by Tanzania Breweries LTD, so the League was called the Tanzania Breweries League. After a sponsor dispute with the Tanzania Football Association in 2001, the contract with Breweries was no longer valid. In 2002, a contract was made with the phone company Vodacom. It lasted until 2009, and then the same year it was re-signed.

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