Telcom SIM Swap 2023 in South Africa

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Telcom SIM Swap 2023 in South Africa,how to do sim swap on Telcom,telkom sim swap dial number

Telcom SIM Swap 2023 in South Africa

Telkom SA SOC Limited is a South African company that provides wireline and wireless phone services in more than 38 countries across Africa. Telkom is mostly owned by the state (55.3%). The South African government owns 40.5% of Telkom, and another 14.8% is owned by the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), which is closely connected to the South African government.



How to do sim swap on Telcom

Telkom SIM Swap is a method by which Telkom pre-paid clients transfer their number to a replacement Telkom SIM or a new Telkom Sim Card if their old SIM card is lost, stolen, or damaged, or if you require a SIM of a different size for your new device. During peak times, a Telkom SIM swap can take up to four hours to complete, but the process is typically much faster. This article explains how to swap Telkom SIM cards in South Africa.


What Does Telkom SIM Swap Entail?

Telkom SIM Swap is an efficient solution that enables Telkom pre-paid users to retain their preferred Telkom number. If your previous SIM card is lost, stolen, or damaged, or if you require a different size SIM for your new smartphone, you can do a SIM switch.

To perform a Telkom SIM Swap in South Africa, you must purchase a new Telkom starting pack and RICA your new SIM card. Remember to bring your identification and evidence of residence or an affidavit of the same.



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How to Change a Telkom SIM

If you WISH TO KEEP YOUR EXISTING Telkom SIM CARD AND NUMBER, please be warned that a Telkom SIM Swap is performed at your nearest Telkom store in South Africa.

There is no Telkom SIM Swap USSD Code since Telkom South Africa does not provide self-service SIM swaps.


The steps to perform a SIM Swap on Telkom in South Africa are as follows:

Step 1: Purchase a new Telkom beginning pack and RICA your new SIM card

Step 2: Visit the Telkom store closest to you
Step 3: Bring your identification and evidence of residency.
Step 4 : A Telkom consultant will assist you with a SIM Swap




A SIM card has a unique serial number (ICCID), an international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) number, security authentication and ciphering information, temporary information about the local network, a list of the services the user can use, and two passwords:


a personal identification number (PIN) for normal use and a personal unblocking key (PUK) for PIN unlocking. In Europe, the serial SIM number (SSN) is sometimes accompanied by an international article number (IAN) or a European article number (EAN), which is needed when registering online for a prepaid card subscription. You can also store contact information on more than one SIM card.

SIM cards are always needed for GSM phones, but only for LTE-capable CDMA phones. SIM cards can also be used in smart watches, computers, cameras, and satellite phones.

The first SIM cards were about the size of credit and bank cards. Over the years, the size of SIM cards has been reduced several times, but the electrical contacts have usually stayed the same, so that a larger card can be cut down to a smaller size.

SIMs can be moved from one phone to another by taking the card out of the device. In some areas, like cell phones, physical SIM cards are being replaced by eSIM. eSIM uses a SIM that runs on software and is built into an eUICC that can’t be taken out.


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