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Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Niger leo June 4,2022 Official Line Up

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Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Niger leo June 4,2022 Official Line Up,Kikosi cha Taifa Stars Leo, Kikosi cha Tanzania vs Niger, Kikosi cha Tanzania vs Niger 4 June 2022

Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Niger leo June 4,2022 Official Line Up

Tanzania’s national football team (Swahili: Timu ya Taifa ya Mpira wa Miguu ya Tanzania) competes in men’s international football and is controlled by the Tanzania Football Federation, the country’s governing body. Tanzania’s home ground is Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium in Dar-es-Salaam, and their head coach is Danish Kim Poulsen. They’re known as the Taifa Stars informally. Tanzania has never participated in a FIFA World Cup. Prior to joining Zanzibar, the squad was known as the Tanganyika national football team. It is a FIFA and Confederation of African Football member (CAF).

The island of Zanzibar, which is part of Tanzania (and was previously an independent country), is a member of CAF and has played matches against other countries, but it is not eligible to compete in the World Cup or Africa Cup of Nations. Zanzibar’s national football squad may be found here. ( Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Niger leo June 4,2022 Official Line Up )


Kikosi Cha Taifa Stars kilichoitwa May 2022 – National Team Call Up

Tanzania is a country in East Africa, located on the eastern edge of the African continent. The country is bordered by Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi to the north, Kenya to the east, Mozambique to the south, and Zambia to the west.

Tanzania has a diverse geography, with mountains, plains, and tropical rainforests. The country is home to many wildlife species, including elephants, lions, leopards, and chimpanzees.


There are also many tropical plants and animals, such as lizards and frogs. Tanzania has a relatively high standard of living compared to other countries in Africa. The economy is mostly based on agriculture and tourism, with some small industries. Tanzania is a democratic country with limited powers.


It is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the East African Community. The official language is English. Tanzania is a constitutional democracy that has a multi-party system.


It is governed by a prime minister and parliament. Tanzania is a founding member of the United Nations and the East African Community. It is also a member of the African Union, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the Southern African Development Community. Tanzania is an emerging economy and has been described as one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

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Kikosi cha Yanga vs Simba May 28,2022 Official Line Up

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Line UP , Kikosi cha Yanga vs Simba May 28,2022 Official Line Up,Kikosi cha Yanga sc vs Simba Sc leo, Kikosi cha Yanga dhidi ya Simba 28 May 2022, Young Africans Line Up against Simba 28.5.2022,Squad

Yanga is a football club from Jangwani, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Benjamin Mkapa Stadium is the home of the club, which was founded in 1935.

“Wananchi” (Citizens) and “Yanga” (Young Boys) are two of the group chevaliers’ nicknames. Along with Simba, Young Africans is Tanzania’s second-largest club. The team has won 22 league championships and several domestic cups, as well as competing in several editions of the CAF Champions League. They’re also one of East Africa’s most successful clubs, having won the CECAFA Club Championship five times.


Kikosi cha Yanga vs Simba May 28,2022 Official Line Up

The Yanga Sc 28 May squad will enter the CCM Kirumba Stadium for the match against their traditional hometown Simba Sports Club.

Yanga club is originally from Twiga and Jangwani streets while their traditional hometown is from Msimbazi Road in Kariakoo. This match is expected to attract the attention of many people especially considering the competition that exists in the quest for the Tanzania Premier League Championship this season.

Simba Sports Club are the defending champions while Yanga are looking for the Championship they have missed for many Years



Kikosi cha leo


Kikosi cha Yanga dhidi ya Simba 30 April 2022 Official Line Up


The club was popular among Africans, and became a symbol of the anti-colonial movement. Young Africans became associated with nationalists and freedom fighters, and inspired the political party TANU to adopt yellow and green as their primary colours. Young Africans is the most successful and dominant club in Tanzanian football. The club is currently on a transformation process that will keep the club ownership 49% for investors and the rest 51% to the club members.

The club holds a long-standing rivalry with their cross-city rivals Simba, whom they contest the Dar es Salaam (better known as Kariakoo) derby. The rivalry was ranked 5th as one of the most famous African derbies.


Djigui Diarra

Djigui Diarra This has been Yanga Sc’s number one goalkeeper since the start of the Premier League season 2021/2022, and he has been the leading goalkeeper with more Clean sheets than any other goalkeeper in the Tanzania NBC Premier League. There is no doubt that He is the goalkeeper who will start at the Yanga’s Sports Club Line Up


Fiston Mayele

Fiston Mayele is one of the players whose names have been big in and out of Yanga Sc Club mainly due to his great goal-scoring ability but his other popularity stems from his beautiful style that impresses every time he scores a goal, that style is popularly known as “Kutetema”

Yannick Bangala

Yannick Bangala’s ability to play hard, intelligent and calm is clear. The central defender is number 4 or 5 but he can also play as a good attacking midfielder in all those positions

That ability is clearly going to give him a chance to start against Simba Sc today 28 May 2022 in the Kariakoo Darby match to be played at the Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium at one o’clock at night.



Said Ntibazonkiza is one of the players who has been very important in Yanga’s final area especially due to his great ability to make the last passes, his great ability to play dead balls like corner and Free Kick but he also has great ability to score as so far in the NBC Premier League He has 7 goals

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Kikosi cha Kagera Sugar vs Simba May 11,2022 Official Line Up

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Kikosi cha Kagera Sugar vs Simba May 11,2022 Official Line Up,Kikosi cha Kagera Sugar vs Simba leo, Kikosi cha Kagera Sugar dhidi ya Simba 11 May 2022, Kagera Sugar Starting Line Up

Kikosi cha Kagera Sugar vs Simba May 11,2022 Official Line Up

Bukoba, Tanzania’s Kagera Sugar is a football club. They are a Tanzanian Premier League professional football team. They perform in front of a crowd of 5,000 people. Kaitaba Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Kaitaba,

The Tanzania National Main Stadium, commonly known as Benjamin Mkapa Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is situated in the Miburani district of the Temeke District. It was constructed near to the old national stadium, Uhuru Stadium, and inaugurated in 2007. It is the home of the Tanzanian national football team and hosts big football fixtures such as the Tanzanian Premier League.






It is Africa’s eighth biggest stadium, with 60,000 seats, and Tanzania’s largest stadium. Tanzania’s government owns the property. The stadium cost $56 million to construct.

The first derby between Simba S.C. and Young Africans S.C. in Dar es-Salaam 2008 drew a sell-out crowd at the stadium. For the most part, both teams’ league matches generate minimal crowds. History

President Benjamin Mkapa stated in 2000 that before the conclusion of his term in 2005, the nation will have a state-of-the-art stadium, calling it a “shame” that the country lacked one.

The government issued a tender to build a new stadium to replace the aging Uhuru Stadium in January 2003. The government had set a budget of $60 million for the project, according to Sports Minister Juma Kapuya, and eleven businesses had bid.

With an offer of $154 million in 2004, Vinci Construction, a French firm, won the competition. Tanzania reluctantly abandoned the project after receiving debt relief from the Bretton Woods Institutions as part of the Highly Indebted Poor Countries Program. “Erecting a modern stadium in an impoverished nation with an annual per capita income of $330 seems a little like the Romans building a new Coliseum with barbarians camped outside the city wall,” Deborah Brautigam says in her book The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa.

Foreign Minister Jakaya Kikwete inked a $56 million deal with China in June 2004, with the Chinese government providing a $20 million grant.

It’s a “special assistance initiative,” according to a Chinese embassy official.

The contract was granted to Beijing Construction Engineering Group. The IMF complained since the expense was not disclosed in the country’s yearly Public Expenditure Review to key funders.

Premier Wen Jiabao of China visited the site in June 2006.

Tanzania donated TSh 25 billion to the overall cost of TSh 56.4 billion, according to the Daily News.

The stadium hosted a Group 7 qualification match for the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations between the Taifa Stars and the Mozambican team in September 2007.  Everton met Kenya’s Gor Mahia at the stadium on July 13, 2017, and it was the first EPL team match in Africa.

The 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay in Dar es Salaam finished there. On the African continent, Tanzania was the lone stop for the torch. During Chinese President Hu Jintao’s official visit to Tanzania in February 2009, he and Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete jointly opened the stadium.

Inside least 4,000 people took refuge at the stadium after the 2011 Dar es Salaam blasts at an army post.

In July 2013, China officially handed over the complex’s Phase I. The stadium in Dar es-Salaam has held friendly matches with international football teams such as the Brazilian national team, Everton, and Sevilla.

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Kikosi cha Azam Fc dhidi ya Yanga April 6,2022 Official Line Up

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Kikosi cha Azam Fc dhidi ya Yanga April 6,2022 Official Line Up, Kikosi cha Azam vs Yanga, Kikosi cha Yanga vs Azam, Azam 6 April 2022, Yanga 6 April 2022

Kikosi cha Azam Fc dhidi ya Yanga April 6,2022 Official Line Up

Azam Football Club is a professional football club based in Chamazi, Temeke, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, that competes in the Tanzanian Premier League. Nicknamed “Wana Lambalamba, Chamazi Millionaires or the Bakers”, the club was founded as Mzizima Football Club in 2004, changed its name to Azam Sports Club in 2005, then Azam Football Club in 2006 and moved to its current stadium, Azam Complex Chamazi, in 2010.

Kikosi cha Yanga Sc dhidi ya Azam April 6,2022 Line Up

Kikosi cha Utabiri

  1. Ahmed Salula
  2. Lusajo Mwaikenda
  3. Bruce Kangwa
  4. Aggrey Morris
  5. Abdallah Kheri
  6. Kenneth Muguna
  7. Charles Zulu
  8. Mudathir Yahya
  9. Rodgers Kola
  10. Prince Dube
  11. Ismail Aziz



Kigonya, Msindo,Bajana, Tepsie, Tigere,Ajibu,Yahya,Mbombo

Azam FC have won 10 trophies; one Premier League, a record 5 Mapinduzi Cup, two Kagame Cup, one Azam Sports Federation Cup and one Community Shield.

In the 2013/14 season, Azam FC won the league unbeaten, and by so doing, the club became only the second (after Simba SC 2009/10) to win the league without losing a single game.


Azam FC were undefeated in the league (26 matches) in a run that stretched to a 38 games, from the 18th round of 2012/13 season to the 4th round of 2014/15. In 2015, the club became the first in the history of Tanzanian clubs to win the Kagame Cup without conceding a goal.

Azam FC is one of the most widely supported football clubs in Tanzania, and has rivalries with Yanga SC, Simba SC, Mtibwa Sugar FC and African Lyon.


Msimamo NBC Tanzania Premier League 2021/2022 NPL Standings

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