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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch WWE SmackDown In 2022

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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch WWE SmackDown In 2022

What’s the best part about WWE Superstars? Their superhuman abilities, unrivaled skills, and spectacular stunts? Not exactly. The best part about watching them is how they react to all those ‘unfortunate’ incidents. There always comes that moment in every episode where our favorite wrestlers go from being nice to downright mean. They fight each other, break chairs on each other’s head, and hit their co-stars with steel steps. What gives? Well… That’s because all of this is scripted! It doesn’t matter if you know it or not; the actors are playing a character who is pretending to be someone they aren’t. And while this may seem absurd to most people, there are people who actually think these schoolyard antics are real life. So yeah If you happen to be one of them… Here are 10 reasons why you should watch SmackDown in 2022:

It’s a great place to learn about life.

## It’s a great place to learn about life. Wrestling teaches you how to deal with rejection, how to pull your socks up and reset after a disappointing loss, and how to learn from your mistakes. It is a great place for kids to learn about sportsmanship, team building, and how to become resilient when things don’t go your way. When you watch the WWE, you can definitely see those ‘life lessons’ being played out on the screen. And when you have grown-up fans sitting by your side, you can definitely hear them saying, “Yeah!”


It has exciting storylines.

This one is for the people who don’t necessarily believe in our ‘wrestling is fake’ argument. A storyline is basically the plot that the writers of the show are creating, or want to create, to keep the fans hooked. Drama is essential in these storylines since it is what keeps the fans intrigued. And even though these dramas are scripted, the acting skills of the wrestlers is what makes these storylines extremely compelling. You might not appreciate it while watching the show, but once you start analyzing the storylines, you’ll definitely appreciate the amount of effort that goes into creating them.


The wrestlers are extremely athletic.

Here’s one for the ‘wrestling is fake lovers’. Wrestling is a sport that requires agility, stamina, and skill. The WWE wrestlers have to be extremely athletic and have to have a good knowledge of body language and the art of acting. To become a wrestler, you need to train for years. And your training has to be intense, because it’ll help you perform all those amazing stunts. These athletic freaks have to put their bodies under tremendous stress, and that is why many of them get injured.


You can meet your favorite wrestlers.

Life always has a funny way of throwing things your way. And in this case, it throws you in the same room as your favorite wrestlers. WWE has a lot of events where they invite the fans to come meet their favorite superstars. Not only do you get to meet them, but you also get to have a photo-op with them. You get to pose with your favorite wrestler, and that’s something that no one can take away from you. And since SmackDown is a live event, you can catch your favorite wrestlers on screen as well.


The show always ends with a twist.

Very few shows end with a twist. But wrestling is different from the rest. It always ends with a twist because the writers try to keep the fans guessing. And it’s not just the storylines; they try to mix it up in every episode as well. You may see superstars fight each other one day, and they may be best friends the next. You may see a wrestler getting injured one day and then miraculously coming back without any injury.


The women in the ring are equally fierce.

The women in the ring are equally fierce. Women have been a part of wrestling for decades, and they’ve been part of SmackDown since its inception. But even though they’re as fierce as their male counterparts, they’re not given their due credit. There are many reasons why women are treated as second-class citizens, and one of them is the false notion that women can’t be as strong as men. When it comes to wrestling, women are as capable as men, and they show it in every episode of SmackDown.


There are many opportunities for merchandising.

If you’re one of those people who love to collect things, then you’re in for a treat. Wrestling provides a plethora of opportunities for merchandising, and the superstars are the ones who get to benefit from it. You can buy everything from wrestler t-shirts to hats, shoes, and even curtains. This is where the WWE gets to earn a lot of money. And since merchandising is one of the most profitable businesses, every penny earned from these products is pure gold.


Watching SmackDown is like ‘watching fireworks’.

If you love watching ‘fireworks’, then you’re in for a treat. Wrestling is a show that never lets you down; it always ends with a bang. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t matter if you know it or not; the show always manages to take you by surprise. You may think you know what’s coming next, but it always ends with a twist. You may think that this is just another show and that it doesn’t have anything special in store for you. But before you know it, you’re left wondering, “Was that real?”


You’ll get hooked on its fast-paced action and drama.

If you’re someone who is a little skeptical about watching WWE superstars in action, then you’re in for a treat. Once you get hooked on watching SmackDown, you’re definitely going to want more. The show is addictive, and you’re going to want more of it. It has a lot of drama, and that makes it extremely interesting to watch. The writers make sure that there is always something interesting happening on the show, which keeps the viewers glued to the screen.


WWE Smackdown 2022: Predictions for the Main Event of the Year

There are plenty of uncertainties about the future of WWE. With Roman Reigns’ retirement, we don’t know who will be the new face of the company. Will AJ Styles or another wrestler become the new leader of The New Day? Who will step up to become the future Universal Champion after Brock Lesnar’s contract expires in 2021? How will Raw and SmackDown deal with losing their top stars to NXT when they merge back together? What kind of challenges will WWE introduce in 2022? With all these questions and more, it’ll be interesting to see how things play out for Vince McMahon’s company over the next five years. So what can we expect from WWE SmackDown in 2022?


Roman Reigns retires and new members join The New Day

After years of controversy, Roman Reigns officially retired from WWE in 2021, allowing the company to move on from the polarizing wrestler. The New Day will lose its most important member, but they can probably survive without Big E, who might be lured to NXT to become a coach or general manager. Reigns was the first member of The New Day, and it’s unclear whom the company will pair with Big E and Kofi Kingston. One logical choice is to add a woman to the group, which would add more women to the main roster and make The New Day more inclusive. The most likely candidates are either Sasha Banks or Bayley. Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to see how The New Day changes with a new member or members.


AJ Styles becomes a 3-time WWE Champion

AJ Styles has been one of WWE’s best wrestlers for the past four years and looks to stay on top for another five. The California native will likely continue to feud with Samoa Joe, but it’s possible that the company brings in a new challenger. Styles winning the Universal Championship in 2021 will mark the first time since The Rock that a non-WWE wrestler has become champion. Styles might once again defend his title against the Rock, or he might face another wrestler. Many expect Daniel Bryan or Rusev to challenge Styles in 2022. Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to see if Styles can win a third WWE Championship in 2022, or if he’ll face a new challenger.


SmackDown merges with Raw and gets its own belt again

After the two brands split in 2021, WWE will be forced to merge the two shows once again in 2022. The show that wins the ratings battle will likely get the title and the focus, but the two shows will remain separate brands. If their ratings are close, WWE might give the belt to both shows. If SmackDown wins, it’s possible that the show will get a secondary belt to represent its top championship. As of now, WWE has only one belt and one main champion, but a secondary belt could happen. If Raw wins, we could get a unification match between the two belts. It’ll be interesting to see which show wins the ratings war and what happens with their belt.


A surprise return in 2022

While the above predictions are likely, there’s always a chance that the WWE surprises fans with an unexpected return. Fans are still holding out hope that The Rock will one day return, and there’s no reason not to believe that he won’t. Even if The Rock doesn’t wrestle again, he could still host Raw or SmackDown or appear as a guest host. He could also become a commentator or GM. John Cena might also return, as he’s teased going to the ring a few times. There are also a few NXT stars who might make a surprise return to WWE in 2022, such as Andrade “Cien” Almas, Zelina Vega, or Aleister Black. Alex Bliss might also return, as the Raw Women’s Champion could challenge the winner of the SmackDown Women’s Championship at SummerSlam 2022. Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to see if WWE brings back a surprise star in 2022.


Brock Lesnar signs up for another 5 years with WWE

Brock Lesnar is currently wrestling part-time for WWE, but he’s expected to wrestle another five years in 2022. The only uncertainty is whether or not Lesnar retires after his contract ends in 2021 or signs for another five years. If he signs for five more years, he’ll be 41 when his contract ends in 2022. It’s unlikely that Lesnar will wrestle for another 11 years, but he might wrestle for another five. Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to see if WWE extends Lesnar’s contract in 2022. If Lesnar signs for another five years, it will be interesting to see who becomes the face of the company. Many expect that the top face will be the winner of the upcoming Superstar Shakeup. Whoever is sent to Raw will likely become the top star on the brand, while SmackDown’s top star will remain the same. Whoever is sent to Raw, it will be interesting to see what happens in 2022.


Final Words

WWE SmackDown in 2022 will be an interesting time for the wrestling world. The brand may be on the verge of a major shakeup, but it will also feature many of today’s top stars like AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Daniel Bryan. This year, the blue brand features stars like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Randy Orton, who are all part of the SmackDown brand. Other legends like The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H are expected to make an appearance on the show as well. WWE has kept the fans on their toes with the unpredictability of their storylines, and it’s likely that the company will do the same in 2022.

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