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10 most widely spoken languages ​​in Africa 2021

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Africa is the second largest continent in the world with a population of over 1.111 billion there are more than 2000 languages ​​used in Africa, considering countries like Nigeria have 250 languages ​​and a large percentage of this continent people speak and use sign language
10. Zulu
It is the language used in the Eastern region of South Africa and is the Latin language and is also widely used in the media in the country and is the second most widely spoken Bantu language after the Shona language. It is spoken by more than 10 million people.
9. Amharic
is the language spoken by more than 18 million people in Africa, and is the second most spoken language after Arabic. It is the official laughing stock in Ethiopia and is used by more than 2.7 million migrants
8. Igbo
It is a native language spoken by more than 24 million Latina people in Africa and is a 2o dialect and is written in Latin.
7. Yoruba
Most people in Nigeria speak Yoruba and are popular in countries like Togo and Benin where more than a million people
6. Oromo
This language is not official in the Nation but this language will be found in countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Egypt and is used by more than 30 million people.
5. Hausa
More than 50 million Africans from North Africa, Central and West Africa use this language, a language that is mixed with African origins as well as Asia.
4. French
It is a language spoken by more than 90 million people due to French colonists ruling some countries on the African continent and so nations like Morocco, Algeria, Senegal and Rwanda use French
3. Kiswahili
It is a language spoken by more than 100 million people and is the official language used in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, is a Bantu language and mother tongue for Swahili, communities from Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
2. Arabic
Arabic is the language that has become the official language of some African countries and has a population of over 100 million who speak the language, becoming official Algeria, Mauritania, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt and also used in countries like Somalia, Chad. , Sudan, Morocco
1. English
It is a language spoken by more than 700 million people and is used by countries such as Botswana, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Rwanda, Niger, Sudan, Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana.










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