Smart Banking with Airtel Money Tanzania 2021

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Smart Banking with Airtel Money Tanzania 2021

Airtel Tanzania Limited is the third-largest telecommunications company in Tanzania by number of customers, behind Vodacom Tanzania and Tigo Tanzania. As of September 2017, Airtel Tanzania had 10.6 million voice subscribers.
As of December 2017 according to data provided by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority, Airtel Tanzania controlled 27.1 percent of Tanzania’s mobile telephone market by customer numbers, at that time estimated at 10.86 million.
The company is a component of Airtel Africa, the pan African mobile network operator and the largest mobile service provider in Africa outside of South Africa, active in 14 countries on the continent.

How to send money to Bank:

  • Dial *150*60#

    Select 1. Send Money

    Select 3. Send to Bank>Select a bank>Enter Account number>Enter Amount>Enter PIN

Step 1:

  • 0. Get Money

    1. Send Money

    2. Buy Airtime and Bundles

    3. Withdraw Money

    4. Mastercard

    5. Make Payments

    6. Financial Services

    7. My Account


Step 2:

  • 1. Send to Phone number

    2. Send to Other Network

    3. Send to Bank

    4. Transfer From Bank

    5. Send money across border

Step 3: Select bank:

  • 1. NMB

    2. CRDB

    3. AccessBank

    4. Tanzania Postal Bank

    5. Akiba Commercial Bank

    6. ….

Step 4: Enter Account number

Step 5: Enter amount

Step 6: Enter PIN


How To Transfer Money from your Bank

Step 1: Dial *150*60#

Step 2: Select 0 Get Money

Step 3: Select 1 (Transfer from Bank)

Step 4: Choose a bank of your choice

Step 5: Follow the bank steps/instructions



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