Siku ya Wananchi 2022/2023 Young Africans Sports Club

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Siku ya Wananchi 2022/2023 Young Africans Sports Club

Yanga Sports Club has organized a festival known as Citizen’s Day.

On that day, Yanga Sc uses to introduce the entire squad that will be used for the whole season of the major league along with the technical bench.

But the Yanga club also uses that day to entertain their fans with various entertainment from local and foreign artists.

When will Siku ya Wananchi 2022/2023 be?

The Yanga Sc club in Dar Es Salaam depends on making citizens’ day 6 August 2022


Stadium that Siku ya Wananchi 2022 will happen

People’s Day will be held at the Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium located in the city of Dar Es Salaam


The most attractive players on the Siku ya Wananchi 2022/2023

Most of the Yanga Sc players for the 2022/2023 season have a great ability to play football, but there are players that many people have been eagerly waiting to see.

Aziz Ki is one of the eagerly awaited players, others are Bigirimana who has played in the Newcastle club, Others are Joyce Lomalisa who has played for the Congolese national team, Kambole and others who were there last season


About Yanga Sc

Young Africans Sports Club, commonly referred as Yanga is a Tanzanian football club based in Jangwani, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Founded in 1935, the club play their home games at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.

Nicknamed “Yanga” (Young Boys), the club has won 28 league titles and number of domestic cups, and have participated in multiple CAF Champions League editions. They have won the CECAFA Club Championship five times.

The club became a symbol of the anti-colonial movement. Young Africans became associated with nationalists and freedom fighters, and inspired the political party TANU to adopt yellow and green as their primary colours. The club is currently in a process that will keep the club ownership 49% for investors and the rest 51% to the club members.

The club holds a long-standing rivalry with their cross-city rivals Simba, whom they contest the Dar es Salaam (better known as Kariakoo) derby. The rivalry was ranked 5th as one of the most famous African derbies.


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