Shule 10 Bora Matokeo Darasa la Saba 2021 Top 10 Best Schools

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National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA; Swahili: Baraza la Mitihani la Tanzania) is an agency of the Tanzanian government, headquartered in Dar Es Salaam, that proctors tests given nationally. It manages the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination.
It was established on 21 November 1973. Prior to that time the East African Examinations Council (EAEC) served Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. The latter withdrew from the EAEC in 1970, and the Ministry of Education Curriculum and Examinations Section briefly took over examination proctoring for Mainland Tanzania when it withdrew from the EAEC in 1971. The Tanzanian government began hiring employees for NECTA in 1971, and Parliamentary Act No. 21 of 1973 established NECTA

  1. Graiyaki Primary School (Mara)
  2. St Peter Clever (Kagera)
  3. Rocken Hill Primary School (Shinyanga)
  4. Kemobos (Kagera)
  5. Bishop Caesar(Kagera)
  6. Kwema Modern (Shinyanga)
  7. St Magreth (Arusha)
  8. Waja Springs (Geita)
  9. Kadama (Geita)
  10. Chalinze Modern (Pwani)










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