SASSA r350 grant payment date January 2023 – Check Updates

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SASSA r350 grant payment date January 2023,SASSA r350 grant payment date January 2023 – Check Updates


SASSA r350 grant payment date January 2023 – Check Updates


Check Your SRD R350 Payment Dates With SASSA

Here you will find all the information you need to know about the SRD grant’s SASSA status check and the dates on which you can receive your payments. SASSA, the South African Social Security Agency, makes monthly announcements detailing when the R350 Social Relief Grant Payment will be made. This is the agency tasked with dispersing and dispensing Covid-19 Social Relief funds from the government. Those who get a child support or disability allowance from them are also their responsibility.


Verifying the Current Status of SASSA

The R350 in annual social grant money is accessible through a variety of channels, and you can verify and collect it in a number of ways. Take a look at the Moya App status checking instructions. Alternatively, you can use your mobile device to check the status by sending a message to the appropriate number.

Financial Institution Transfer

Getting your grant money deposited directly into your bank account is the quickest and most hassle-free way to get it, and it also saves you a trip to the post office. According to the terms of the award, the monthly payments will be made directly into the recipient’s bank account. To ensure that funds are transferred to the correct accounts, it is imperative that the bank information or mobile phone number provided for payment be in the name of the accepted applicant used in the Covid-19 R350 grant application procedure.

Gathering Funds

Your grant funds can be picked up at any Post Office branch (SAPO/Post Bank), Pick-N-Pay, or Boxer store if you don’t have a bank account. Instead, you could send money via a mobile banking transfer (cash send option). When you receive an SMS confirmation message stating that your grant payment has been confirmed, only then will you be allowed to withdraw the funds. Check the table below to learn when this week’s SRD grant payments are scheduled to be made.

My SASSA Application Status Is Still Under Review.

A lot of individuals are frustrated since their online check of sassa status just returns the status “waiting,” and they never get the R350 they were promised. On June 1, 2022, SASSA issued the following official statement:

Beginning in the middle of June 2022, recipients of the special COVID-19 SRD award will begin receiving their payments for the next funding cycle, which will begin in April 2022.

When the bank information is verified, SASSA will clear any remaining payments from the previous cycle. All of the installments will be paid separately, one each month. During some months, you may receive multiple payments, but never two payments of the same value in the same month. For the time being, SASSA will make many payments in a single month to clear the backlog before resuming regular monthly payments.


SASSA r350 grant payment date January 2023

  • Older Person’s Grants: 03 January 2023
  • Disability Grants: 04 January 2023
  • All Other Grants: 05 January 2023


Check R350 Payment Dates with SASSA

Dates of December 2022’s SASSA Payments:
A Grant for the Elderly, Effective Thursday, December 1, 2022
Disabled Person’s Allowance (beginning Friday, December 2, 2022)
Everywhere Else That Accepts Sassa Grants – Beginning Monday, December 5, 2022

Dates of December 2022 SASSA Payments

As soon as the January 2023 payment schedule is released, we will make the appropriate adjustments.

How can one initiate a reconsideration of an R350?
In the reconsideration phase, they look again at the applicant’s personal information and financial situation to make sure they truly are in need. The lengthier wait times for responses from banks and financial organizations have led to recent reports of delays in the processing of reconsideration petitions. Keep in mind that you cannot be receiving any other government covid-19 response support while obtaining the award.

How can I request that the R350 Grant be reevaluated?
If you applied for an R350 grant in Covid-19 SRD but were told your application was “Reapplication Pending,” you can appeal that decision by following these instructions.


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Follow this link to access the SRD portal:
Access the Reconsideration Request Form by selecting the corresponding menu item.
Then click the link that says “Request Reconsideration.”
Please provide your full name, ID number, and phone number.
Follow the remaining instructions to have your payment looked at again.


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To what date does eligibility for the SASSA R350 Grant close?

Covid-19 government grant and grant payments have been extended by 12 months, till March 2023, as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa. The news was shared at the February 10 State of the Nation Address (SONA) in Cape Town. The Relief of Distress Grant was established to aid the most disadvantaged citizens of South Africa. The award is meant to be viewed as a chance to explore alternative professional paths. Any new SASSA Application should follow these guidelines.

You can enter by using your SRD SASSA Gov Login

If you are applying for an SRD grant, you can find out where you are in the queue by visiting the official SASSA website at

Here is a direct link to the SASSA online dashboard where you may check the status of your SRD grant application:
Fill up your South African applicant ID number below.
Please provide the phone number you used to apply.


SASSA No longer in need of confirmation

The Social Security Administration (SSA) stated on September 9 that recipients of their benefits would no longer have to recertify their eligibility every three months. This protocol was generally disliked by the public. Now that SASSA has updated its rules, members are not required to submit their answers to screening questions every three months.

Valid but unpaid Grant for the Covid-19 SRD
People whose records show an outstanding bank account, a bank account that could not be verified, a bank account that is awaiting verification from the National Treasury, or a cash send payment option have been approved but have not yet been paid (which were made from the 19th September 2022).

The FAQs
Suppose I didn’t get accepted into SASSA; what are the next steps?
Several factors can have contributed to the rejection of your application. Incorrect bank information is the most typical cause. Make sure the format of your bank information is right on your application before submitting it.

As of what date will SASSA R350 Grant eligibility be revoked?

The government’s social grant has been extended all the way until March of 2024, according to the minister of finance. The Treasury Department made this proclamation during its October 2022 Medium-Term Budget Policy statement.

When your SASSA status is cancelled, what does that entail exactly?

Cancellation of your SASSA R350 grant indicates that you did not meet the eligibility requirements to be a grant recipient. You do not pass the SASSA Means test because you receive money from sources other than SASSA, such as a grant or a job.


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