Sassa r350 grant payment date December 2022

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Sassa r350 grant payment date December 2022

Sassa payment dates: When to get the R350 SRD grant in December

Sassa r350 grant payment date december 2022 – Check the status of your Sassa r350 payments for December 2022; Here are the dates for getting the R350 Covid-19 SRD grant in December. But wait until Sassa sends you an SMS confirmation first.


The South African Post Office (Sapo) said that people who applied for the special Sassa Covid-19 SRD grant (Social Relief of Distress) will be able to get their R350 payment in December.


Sassa says that the grant will be given to those who have been approved as soon as they get confirmation from the agency that they have been paid.


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SASSA Payment Dates for January 2023



SASSA Grant Payment Dates for December 2022:

  • 1 December  2022 (Thursday): Older Persons Grant
  • 2 December 2022 (Friday): Disability Grant
  • 5 December 2022 (Monday): Children’s Grant


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Payment dates for December SASSA grants have been set. As a recipient of an SASSA grant, you should always know when your grant will be paid. This helps you better plan and handle your money. Whether it’s a grant for child support, someone with a disability, the SRD R350, or the elderly.

All of the grants listed above are paid out every month, no matter what. They are a part of SASSA’s job, which is to help the poor by giving them social security and reducing poverty in South Africa.

Since 2022 is almost over, we thought it would be great to share the December payment dates for SASSA grants much earlier than we usually do.


Dates of Payment for the December SASSA Grant

Thursday, December 1, 2022: Senior Citizen
Disability Grant – Friday, December 2, 2022
Monday, December 5, 2022: Grant for Children

Dates for paying out SASSA R350 SRD grants in December 2022

There is no set date for giving out the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350 grant. But every month, you can check the status of your application to see if it has been approved. How soon you get your R350 will depend on how your application is going.


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R350 SRD Grant Extended

The SASSA R350 grant has been extended for another year and will go on until March 2024, which is great news for both people who already get it and people who are applying for it for the first time. The Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana, told Parliament about this on October 26, 2022, when he gave the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement.

The SRD grant was put in place in May 2020 as a temporary way to help the most vulnerable people who were affected by lockdowns caused by Covid-19. Since then, it has been made longer more than once. He said that talks about the future of the grant are still going on and that they involve very hard trade-offs and decisions about how to pay for things.

The grant will keep going as long as the government looks for other ways to pay for it.

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