Sassa Grant Payment Dates For April 2023

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Sassa Grant Payment Dates For April 2023

Sassa Grant Payment Dates For April 2023

South Africans who are needy and vulnerable receive funds from SASSA. Knowing when the various awards will be paid out is helpful as a new month is about to start. The April payment deadlines are shown below.

As March draws to a close and April approaches, SASSA has revealed the dates on which recipients will get their April 2023 paychecks. South Africans in need receive funds from SASSA all around the country.

The following are the various payment dates for the month of April 2023 as announced by the South African Social Agency (SASSA):


Sassa Grant Payment Dates For April 2023

Grants for Seniors as of 6 April 2023
Any grants related to these accounts are also included.
Grants for Disabilities 7 April 2023


Any grants related to these accounts are also included.

Funding for Foster Care: 8 April 2023
Grants for Care Dependency 8 April 2023
Grants for Child Support 8 April 2023


Applications are no longer being accepted for the Special Relief of Distress Grant (SRD), which provides recipients with R350 per month.


Payments are still being made right now. Hence, individuals who haven’t been paid yet need not worry because they will receive their money and, if they still qualify, will receive it again in the following months.

The end of payments has not been specified by SASSA. As a result, if your application is successful, you will start receiving payments for that month.

The deadline for R350 grant appeals will also pass at the end of April. This is a procedure for people who were denied the grant and think it was unfairly denied to them.



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Status Check for SASSA

There are several ways to check and get your R350 social grant payment. See instructions on using the Moya App to verify the SASSA status. You can also use WhatsApp or SMS on your phone to check the status of your SASSA.

Deposit into a Bank Account

The fastest and most convenient way to get grants is probably through your bank account, and you can avoid standing in line at the post office by receiving payments that way. According to the grant application, the applicant will receive payments each month into their bank account. Please be aware that in order to ensure that payments are made to the proper parties, the bank account information or mobile number provided for payment MUST BE REGISTERED IN THE NAME OF THE APPROVED APPLICANT USED IN THE Covid-19 R350 GRANTS PROCESS.

Collection of Payments

People can pick up their grant money from the SAPO/Post Bank branches of the Post Office, Pick-N-Pay, or Boxer retailers if they don’t have any banking information. A bank mobile money transfer is another possibility (cash send option). Only after receiving a notice SMS confirming payment has been confirmed will you be able to pick up the grant money. The SRD Grant Payment Dates for this week are listed in the table below.

What status does my SASSA have—Pending?

Unfortunately, a lot of individuals cannot get the R350 since when they check their SASSA status online, it merely says “pending.” On April 1, 2023, the official SASSA issued the following statement:

Beginning in mid-April 2023, payments for the new cycle of the special COVID-19 SRD grant will be made.

As soon as the bank information is confirmed, SASSA will proceed to process payments that are still owed from the prior cycle. The payments won’t be made all at once; rather, they’ll be made monthly. There may be more than one payment made in a given month, but no one will ever receive more than one payment in total. The SASSA will make these few payments each month up until the backlog is cleared, at which point the monthly payments will resume.


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