NSSCO results 2022 pdf download

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NSSCO results 2022 pdf download,grade 11 results 2022 namibia pdf download

How to Look Up NSSCO Grade 12 Ordinary Level Results 2022 Namibia 2023 Are you looking for the results of the NSSCO Grade 12 Namibia exam? Namibia and the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture (MoEAC) are in charge of announcing the results. WASOMIAJIRA.COM, a third-party website, will publish the results as soon as they are made public. Through this article, you can find out how to do it both online and through sms on your cell phone.

NSSC Ordinary Level Results 2022 by SMS:

You can get exam results for grade 12 (Ordinary Level) through SMS by following an example of SMS format. There are two ways to set up an SMS service: one uses the person’s name, and the other uses an exam number.

SMS services from NSSCO name is being used:

Go send an SMS, Type your “Exam Name,” “Space,” “Last Name,” “Space,” “First Name,” and “Exam Name.”
Example for NSSC Results (Ordinary Level):
– NSSCO Kaperu Theo NSSCO: One is using the name of the SMS service:

Go send an SMS, Type in your “Exam Name,” “Space,” and “Exam Number.”
Example for NSSC Results (Ordinary Level):
– NSSCO M050015
Send this information to any of the following numbers: 2929, 99099, or 55755. Your cell phone will then show your last name, first name, and results.

From the official website, here are the results for Grade 12 Ordinary Level:

Both DNEA and MoEAC let students check their results through web applications. This means that if you have access to the Internet, you can use your phone or computer to check your results.


Grade 12 Results through DNEA Exam Results 2022 can be seen at www.moe.gov.na.

Step 1: Start up your web browser.
Step 2: Type “” into the address bar.
Step 3: The page called “DNEA Exam Results Query Service” will open.
Step 4: From the list of textbooks, choose “Grade” and then “Grade 12.”
Step 5: Choose 2021 for “Examination Session:.”
Step 6: Enter Student Number: ” ”
Grade 12 student Numbers looks like this: M050015
Step 7: The last step is to click “view result.”
Normal Level Results for Grade 12 in 2021


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Last Year Grade 12 Results Level: Normal Summary:

In 2014: In 2014, 93.2% of the 19,392 full-time candidates who took the grade 12 ordinary level exams were graded. In 2013, 93.0% of those who took the exams were graded. This just means that 93.2% were able to get subject certificates. Only 6.8% of the exams were not graded, down from 7% in 2013.
Also, out of the 25,540 part-time candidates who took the exams, 79.2% were graded in 2014, while 82.1% were graded in 2013.

Results for the NSSC Ordinary Level Grade:

The results of the NSSC Ordinary Level are given on an 8-point scale, from A* to G. An A* means exceptional performance or distinction, while a G means the worst performance that deserves a grade.
Candidates who didn’t meet the minimum standard to be graded are marked with a “U,” which stands for “ungraded.” On the results sheets of some candidates, there are also X, I, and Q symbols.
“X” means that there is no result, “Q” means that the results are still being looked into and are therefore “pending,” and “I” means that the candidate wasn’t there or that the results are incomplete.

How to Check the NSSC Ordinary Level Results 2022?


Call 061-2934437 or 2934435 to reach the Government of Namibia



A * 8 D 4
A 7 E 3
B 6 F 2
C 5 G 1
U 0 X Incomplete


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