NSC MATRIC Results 2022-2023 Check Results Online

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NSC MATRIC Results 2022-2023 Check Results Online

Examining students for their National Senior Certificate (NSC), sometimes known as “matric,” has grown into an annual event of great public importance. The NSC exams are not only the capstone of a child’s twelve years of schooling, but also a snapshot of the state of the education system as a whole.

In November 1996, the newly elected democratic administration implemented a highly decentralized method to administering the country’s first national examination.

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How to View Matric Results 2022 Online

It is straightforward to view a high school equivalency certificate online. We have all the information you need to check your matriculation results online in 2022. The government posts the results at education.gov.za, the website of the Department of Basic Education.

To obtain good grades, it is necessary to:

  1. Go to the website of the government.
  2. Register with your details. (Please note that registration for matriculation results closes on February 22, the day prior to the publication of grades.)
  3. Click on the link to view the 2020 NSC test results.
  4. Input the number of your exam.
  5. The display screen will display your results.
  6. Click “Download” followed by “Print”


If you do not choose to use the above options, you can still contact the Department of Basic Education after the results are released. However, since many students will phone the department to inquire about their grades, it may be some time before you receive them in this manner.



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How do you obtain past matric results?

Don’t worry if your original certificate has been lost or damaged. Fill out an application form at the local Department of Basic Education or Provincial Education Department office to obtain a new certificate.

However, you must pay a charge and submit an affidavit explaining why you need a new one. You must also present both your original and a validated copy of your identification.

You can also request a reissue via the DBE’s website. The fees associated with obtaining previous matriculation scores are shown below.

R130 to replace a certificate, and R180 for a statement of results.
According to the DBE, these costs will remain in effect until March 31, 2021.

View a matriculation certificate online.



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NSC Examination Results for 2022/23

The results of the 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) matriculation examinations have been released by the Department of Basic Education. A guide for navigating the MATRIC RESULTS website. On a mobile phone or other smart device: –

Step 1: Enter your examination number on this website, https://results.gauteng.gov.za, to look for your matriculation results.

Select “All e-services” from the drop-down menu in Step 2.

Step 3: Navigate to the “Access Matric Results” page.

Select “online” from the menu in Step 4.

Select “Visit site” from the drop-down option in the fifth step.

Step 6: Enter your examination number in the box that opens, and then click the search button.



NSC Examination Results for 2022/23


How do I receive my findings by text message?

If you have already provided the IEB with your mobile phone number, the survey results will be sent to that number through text message.

If so, you can register by sending a text message to 35135. Please finish the message with the following text:

The examination results are the number and date of birth (ccyymmdd)

Example: Results 173456789012 19980121

After processing, you will receive a message confirming that your registration was successful. Please be advised that sending an SMS costs R3.00.

How will the summary of my results appear in a text message?

The SMS message will utilize the following format:

IEB Exam Results Hi Name

Subject 1 Percentage Scale, Level 1 Level 2 of the Level 2 Percentage Scale for Subject 2 The proportion of topic 3 Evaluation Level 3


IEB Exam Results
Hi Peter N12ACCO 67 (5)
N12AFRS 82 (7) N12MATH 43 (4)


2022 IEB NSC Results :: NSC Matric Results Online



Other Articles


When will the results of the Matric be out?

On January 19, 2023, the Minister of Basic Education will tell everyone how they did on the final test.

The 20th of January 2023 is the date to check the Matric Results for 2022.

Read on to find out how to check the results by text message and online. You can also get the results from the schools near you. Here are some important dates to remember between January 20th and March 15th, 2023.

Highlights of the Matric results
Early February: Checking and marking again
By the middle of March, schools and the education ministry’s website will have application forms.
Beginning in early June 2022, you can sign up for the NSC supplementary exam.
Mid-June 2022: 2022 NSC exam certificates will be picked up at schools
Check Matric Results Online, at School, in the Newspaper, by SMS and USSD 1. Get your Matric scores at school.
In some provinces, students can get their test results from their schools. The schools used strict COVID-19 control measures last year. This year is back to normal, which is good news.

Before going to your schools, please call them. Before you go, call the school and find out what kind of ID and proof you need to show to get your results.

Also, before you go, make sure the school’s caretakers, head teachers, and principals are there.

2. Check online for the matric results in 2023
The Department of Education has put out instructions on how to check the matric results for the year 2023 online. Here are three places where matriculants can go online to check their results.

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