Namna ya Kujiunga na NSSF 2022 How to register

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Namna ya Kujiunga na NSSF 2022 How to register
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The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) provides social security services to members employed in the private sector and self-employed in the informal sector under section 6 of the National Social Security Fund Act chapter 50 references 2018. The organization has established a National Informal Sector Scheme (NISS) for the convenience, efficiency and professionalism of self-employed members.

The purpose of establishing a national social security program for the informal sector
Increase the scope of citizens by providing social security opportunities to groups that do not benefit from these services even though they actively participate in contributing to the economy of the State
To support Government efforts to reduce income poverty for citizens
Increase productive assets and boost the country’s economy
Accelerate economic development for the people and the Nation as a whole.
They benefit from this initiative
Any citizen who is self-employed in the informal sector such as farmers, pastoralists, fishermen, small-scale miners, small traders n.k.
Those who are in employment and who prefer to keep extra savings under this scheme
Employers with an Employer based supplementary scheme
Those who were paid unemployment benefits and after 18 months from being paid those benefits were not fortunate enough to get another job.
NSSF How to register as a member
To enroll in the social security scheme for the informal sector, a member must have the following credentials;
Have a National Identification Number (NIDA) if he does not have a National Identity Card he will use a voter ID or driver’s license
Have one picture
Some members will be required to make an initial contribution of not less than twenty thousand shillings (20,000 / =) as a monthly contribution.
Namna ya Kujiunga na NSSF 2022 How to register
NSSF Registration procedures
A member will be required to complete a form that is attached to a single photo (passport size) if he or she does not have a national number or ID
Some members will be required to submit a receipt for payment of the original contribution.
NSSF Contributions
The member shall contribute a minimum of twenty thousand shillings (20,000 / =) per month or more
Each member will use the Payroll Number to submit a donation.
How to donate NSSF

Through a Bank account or agent
Via mobile (all networks)
The benefits available in the national social security program for the informal sector are;
Old Age Pension
Medical benefits under a special order
Credit services
The NSSF has two types of loans for the informal sector:
1. Loans issued in collaboration with Azania Bank and other public institutions such as NEEC, SIDO and VETA. These loans include;
Loans to establish and develop small and medium enterprises
The loans currently being offered are for the establishment and development of industries where individuals or groups can be lent from eight million shillings (8,000,000.00) to five hundred million shillings (500,000,000.00).
Capital loans and
Credit for development and education
2. Loans provided by NSSF itself model;
Lending equipment
These loans are issued depending on the activity, business or industry in which the member works. These loans will include working tools such as equipment, machinery, n.k. Equipment will be provided to the member as benefits or through a low-cost loan. These loans will be provided to active members who contribute to the national social security program for the informal sector. Credit qualifications depend on the member’s contribution and attitude towards business management.
Namna ya Kujiunga na NSSF 2022 How to register

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