My UNISA Assignments Online – Everything you need to know

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My Unisa Assignments Online – Everything you need to know,UNISA Assignment submission,My UNISA 2022, My UNISA Assignments Online 2022

My UNISA Assignments Online – Everything you need to know

The University of South Africa (UNISA), known colloquially as Unisa, is the largest university system in South Africa by enrollment. It attracts a third of all higher education students in South Africa. Through various colleges and affiliates, UNISA has over 400,000 students, including international students from 130 countries worldwide, making it one of the world’s mega universities and the only such university in Africa.

As a comprehensive university, Unisa offers both vocational and academic programmes, many of which have received international accreditation, as well as an extensive geographical footprint, giving their students recognition and employability in many countries the world over. The university lists many notable South Africans among its alumni, including two Nobel prize winners: Nelson Mandela, the first democratically elected president of South Africa and Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Online Submission of My Unisa Assignments
The Assignments in MyUnisa

The Google search engine is being utilized by millions of students in South Africa to ask questions regarding their My UniSA assignments online. You’ll find the answers to some of the questions that are asked the most commonly concerning myunisa assignments here in this page.


You have the option of submitting your Unisa assignments through the myUnisa dashboard, putting them in one of the Unisa assignment boxes, mailing them to the University of South Africa, or handing them in via a courier service.

In addition, students at Unisa can now submit their multiple-choice Unisa assignments by utilizing the Unisa mobile app on their smartphones or tablets to complete their Unisa homework.


Questions that are asked repeatedly – My Unisa Assignments Online

The answers to some of the most common inquiries regarding myunisa assignments can be found on Have a look at them down below:


How do I hand in my assignments to the UniSA?

Step one in submitting your assignment is to upload it from your personal computer to the myUnisa dashboard.
2. Before submitting the final version of your written assignment, check that the file details are correct.
3. To access the Assignment overview screen again, use the Return to Assignment List option from the drop-down menu.

Where exactly can I locate my Unisa assignments?


How to acquire assignments from the UniSA

You may check the outcomes of your assignments on your dashboard.

1. Navigate to the right side of your screen and click on the first crucial hyperlink (Submit assignments), then follow the on-screen instructions (MCQ & File uploads)
2. To log in, you will need to provide both your student number and your password.
3. As soon as the result of your assignment is ready, an SMS will be sent to your phone letting you know the outcome.


Where can I get the grades for my Unisa assignments?

You may get your myunisa Assignment results in one of two ways:


1. by entering into your myUnisa account to see your results online; OR 2. by contacting your lecturer.

2. Direct all questions regarding this assignment to the following email address: [email protected] (indicate your student number in the subject heading).


Does Unisa accept late assignments?


Every assignment has a certain due date, and it is expected to be turned in on or before that day. There will be no marking of late assignments. As a result of the limited amount of time available to complete everything within a semester, UNISA does not take into consideration late assignments for marking.


What is the required minimum score to pass an assignment at Unisa?

50% In order to pass a course at UNISA, you need an average mark of 50% or above.

What exactly is the portfolio assignment for UniSA?
It is possible that you will be requested to turn in a Portfolio as a part of your evaluation.

The portfolios serve as summative assessments, although they will be graded using the assignment submission platforms or in accordance with the guidelines provided in TL 101. The findings of your summative assessment that was not focused on a particular venue will not be made accessible until after the results of the test were made public.

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