Matric Examinations Results 2023/2024 Check Online Here

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Matric Examinations Results 2023/2024 Check Online Here

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A matriculation examination or matriculation exam is a university entrance examination, which is typically held towards the end of secondary school. After passing the examination, a student receives a school leaving certificate recognising academic qualifications from secondary-level education.

How To Check MATRIC RESULTS Online 2023/2024

Matric Results have been successfully uploaded online, follow the below steps to check your result:




  • Visit the Matric Results Portal for the Department of Basic Education.–
  • Enter ID and Matric Number in the Required Field
  • To obtain your Matric 2023 Results, click the ‘Search’ button.
  • Note: You may need the following to log in: Exam number, Home Language, Your personal details (name, surname, etc.)
  • The DBE website is zero-rated, so you may visit it whether or not you have data.


Important Information Regarding the Department of Basic Education Result Website:

  • The DBE website is zero-rated, which means you may access it whether or not you have data.
  • The website displays the results of the 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) test.
  • The Statement of Results is accessible at the school or examination center where the candidate took the exam.
  • Because of technical considerations, certain candidates’ results may be omitted from the results published on the website.
  • If a candidate’s results do not appear, please go to the school/exam center where you wrote.
  • The Department of Basic Education has the right to make changes to the content on this website at any time.
  • If you went to a public or government school, your results will very certainly be published on this website.



  • Go to the IEB Matric Results 2022 Portal via
  • Enter your Exam Number & Date of Birth in the required field
  • Click on the ‘Submit‘ button to access your Matric 2023 / 2024 Results

Bear in mind that website traffic will be high on the release date, so expect delayed response times.

Using Matricsmate App 

  • Download the MatricsMate app from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store
  • Enter your 13-digit identification number and exam number.
  • You will then have access to the matriculation results as soon as they become available.


GAUTENG Matric Results 2023/2024

  • According to the government, the GPG Matric App lets you to obtain your results as soon as they are available using your smartphone or other device with internet connection.
  • Guateng Matric Results checker page –
  • Enter your exam number and click the search button.



You can check your Matric 2023 Results at your High School.

Your school will provide you your results a day after the original results are announced.

Nota bene: This is not the actual matriculation certificate; they are only your subject grades.

You will be able to receive your official matriculation certificate after it has been completely produced.

If you need specific dates immediately, you should contact your institution for further information.

Matric Results VIA NEWSPAPER

Your results will be published in national newspapers on the date they are released. It will appear in all of the major newspaper brands, including The Rapport, The Argus, and The Star.

Keep in mind that these are not your final findings. It will simply mention whether or not you passed and what symbol you passed with – B for Bachelors Pass, D for Diploma, and so on.




You may use your own or someone else’s cell phone to obtain your findings. The Department of Basic Education and SABC Education have created a service that allows you to get an SMS with your findings. You can register to receive your results as soon as they become available.

  • Register via SMS
    • Send your exam number to 35658
    • You’ll get a confirmation SMS once you’ve successfully registered.
    • Answer a few multiple-choice questions.
    • Get your matric results immediately when they are released
  • Use the USSD service
    • Register using the USSD code *120*35658#
    • Answer a few multiple questions
    • Enter your ID number
    • You will get your matric results per subject
    • USSD rates apply

You can also go old school by phoning to access your matric results. Beware that lots of matric students will be phoning to find out their results so you might wait for quite a while to get your results.

  • Dial 082 152 for your results.





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SMSs are charged at R1,50 and R1,50 per minute on USSD.



What does C stand for on the matric exam?

Matric results pass symbols Code 7 (A): 80 – 100% (Outstanding achievement) Code 6 (B): 70 – 79% (Meritorious achievement) Code 5 (C): 60 – 69% (Substantial achievement) Code 4 (D): 50 – 59% (Moderate achievement)

What does 777 indicate on a matriculation exam?
outstanding mark

What does B mean on a matriculation exam?

Bachelors Degree Pass. Must achieve at least 40 percent in your Home Language. Must get at least a 50% in four more High Credit courses. Must get at least 30 percent in two other disciplines.


What is a matric distinction?

What proportion represents a distinction? In South African secondary schools, a distinction is awarded to students with an average of 80 percent or higher.


Is 70% a significant distinction?

At the school level, percentages between 75 and 85 are considered average, while those above 95 are extraordinary. However, at the university level, percentages between 60 and 79 are regarded as good and are quite tough to achieve. The university that awards distinction for a score of 70% may have a passing grade of 45%.

Is a grade of 70 an honor at university?

Thus, the percentages are calibrated as follows at the University of Cape Town and the University of South Africa (UNISA): a 1st class pass is awarded for 75% and above, a second (division one) for 70-74%, a second (division two) for 60%-69%, and a third for 50-59%. Any grade below 40% is failing.

What percentage is a difference?
What do my grades/marks indicate?


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When will the results of the Matric be out?

On January 19, 2023, the Minister of Basic Education will tell everyone how they did on the final test.

The 20th of January 2023 is the date to check the Matric Results for 2022.

Read on to find out how to check the results by text message and online. You can also get the results from the schools near you. Here are some important dates to remember between January 20th and March 15th, 2023.

Highlights of the Matric results
Early February: Checking and marking again
By the middle of March, schools and the education ministry’s website will have application forms.
Beginning in early June 2022, you can sign up for the NSC supplementary exam.
Mid-June 2022: 2022 NSC exam certificates will be picked up at schools
Check Matric Results Online, at School, in the Newspaper, by SMS and USSD 1. Get your Matric scores at school.
In some provinces, students can get their test results from their schools. The schools used strict COVID-19 control measures last year. This year is back to normal, which is good news.

Before going to your schools, please call them. Before you go, call the school and find out what kind of ID and proof you need to show to get your results.

Also, before you go, make sure the school’s caretakers, head teachers, and principals are there.

2. Check online for the matric results in 2023
The Department of Education has put out instructions on how to check the matric results for the year 2023 online. Here are three places where matriculants can go online to check their results.

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