Matokeo ya veta level three 2022

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Matokeo ya veta level three 2022, Matokeo ya VETA level 3 2022/2023, VETA Level Three Results 2022

Matokeo ya veta level three 2022

The System of Vocational Training

The Act of Parliament No. 1 of 1994, Chapter 82 [Revised in 2006] established the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) as an autonomous government agency. The purpose of establishing VETA is to oversee the Tanzanian Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. It is tasked with promoting, coordinating, providing, regulating, and funding VET in the nation.

VETA’s vision is “Tanzania with sufficient and qualified artisans.”

“To ensure quality vocational skills by offering, regulating, coordinating, promoting, and supporting vocational education and training for national socioeconomic development.”

Core Values i. Demand driven services;

ii. Service Excellence;

iii. Transparency; as well as

Fourth, teamwork

Providing vocational education and training; VETA operates 33 vocational training institutions and institutes through which it delivers training. In addition, through its Vocational Teachers Training College in Morogoro, it provides training for vocational teachers.

ii. Coordinating vocational education and training; VETA coordinates over 700 VET institutions held by different VET providers in the country and offering training in the form of long courses, short courses, and customized courses. In addition, VETA conducts Labor Market Surveys to evaluate market-required skills.

In addition, the Authority builds and maintains close links and partnerships with other national and regional training providers.

VETA regulates the provision of vocational education and training in the country via Registration of VET Institutions, Accreditation, Setting Standards, Curriculum Development, Compliance Auditing, Assessment, and Certification.

VETA finances and oversees the VET Fund for Vocational Education and Training. The primary source of VET Fund is employers’ Skills Development Levy contributions (SDL). Employers with four or more workers contribute 6% of their workers’ salary to the SDL.

Other sources of VET funding include government development programs, contributions from development partners, cash from internal sources such as revenue-generating operations, and training fees.

v. Promoting Vocational Training and Education
The mission of VETA is to promote vocational education and training throughout the country. VETA thinks that the public can support VET if it is well informed about VET’s objectives and actions. VET is promoted via interacting with various stakeholders, including the government, parents, employers, and employees. Other audiences include present and potential trainees, instructors, VET graduates, politicians, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, and the media.

VETA communicates VET to stakeholders through a variety of channels, including advertising, VET week activities, public presentations, trade fairs and exhibitions, and publicity. Other promotional materials include newsletters, annual reports, brochures, VET catalogs, the website, and other materials.


How To check VETA Results 2022/2023

    1. By Using the Device like Computer or Phone go to Browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or any Other Browser
    2.  search For
    3. After searching for That Click at that Official VETA Page
    4. You Will See the Results Down at the New Announcements section
    5. Then click On the Announcement Section to see your Results

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