Kikosi cha Yanga vs Geita Gold leo 12 March 2023 NBC Premier League

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Kikosi cha Yanga vs Geita Gold leo 12 March 2023 NBC Premier League, Kikosi cha Young Africans vs Geita Gold Fc, Yanga vs Geita leo

Kikosi cha Yanga vs Geita Gold leo 12 March 2023 NBC Premier League

12 March 2023 The NBC Premier League matchup between Yanga Sc club and Geita Gold Fc will take place.

After defeating Real Bamako of Mali in the Confederations Cup match in Africa, the Yanga Sc squad will return to play in the NBC Premier League match against Geita Gold Fc of the Geita Region, a renowned place where minerals like gold are found in Tanzania.

Yanga Sc enters the game with the victory it experienced in its First Round matchup with Geita Gold Fc at Mwanza’s CCM Kirumba stadium.

Yet, Yanga Sc also comes into the game against Geita Gold with winning records every time the two teams play because in the last three NBC Premier League meetings, Yanga Sc hasn’t suffered a loss to Geita Gold.

Yet, what’s astonishing is that Yanga Sc has only ever defeated Geita Gold once in three meetings, and each time they’ve faced off, Yanga has won by a score of just one goal. What will occur in the upcoming game?


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Yanga vs Geita Match Preview

Teams Yanga and Geita Gold FC have currently played three games.
Yanga triumphed in 3 direct contests. Geita Gold FC did not have a victory. None of the games were drawn. In straight matches, both clubs scored an average of 1.00 goals per game.

Yanga averaged 1.78 goals per game throughout the actual season. In 10 (71.43%) of the home games, there were more than 1.5 goals scored by both teams. In 6 (42.86%) of the matches played at home during the 2023 season, there were more than 2.5 goals scored by both teams.

In the 2023 season, Geita Gold FC averaged 1.21 goals per game. In 8 (72.73%) of the away games, there were total goals (team and opponent) more than 1.5 goals. In 7 (63.64%) of the games, the away team scored all of the goals (team and opponent) more than 2.5 goals.

There are numerous statistics that will help you below. Predict the outcome of a game involving both teams. A list of the direct games appears after the text.



  1. Djigui Diarra
  2. Djuma Shaban
  3. Lomalisa
  4. Bacca
  5. Dickson Job
  6. Aucho
  7. Farid Mussa
  8. Sureboy
  9. Clement Msize
  10. Kennedy Musonda
  11. Mudathir Yahya

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