Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia July 23,2022 Line Up

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Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia July 23,2022 Line Up, Kikosi cha Tanzania vs Somalia,Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia Leo July 23,2022 CHAN,Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia Leo July 23,2022, Tanzania National Team Line Up

The Tanzanian national team, known as Taifa Stars, will today play its game to qualify for the CHAN championship, national team games for players who play in local leagues, the following is the Tanzanian team against Somalia


Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia July 23,2022 Line Up

The Tanzania national football team Tanzania soccer team plays internationally and is controlled by the Tanzania Football Federation, the governing body for soccer in Tanzania. Benjamin Mkapa is Tanzania’s football stadium.


Tanzania national team and their coach, Kim Poulsen, is from Denmark. The Taifa Stars are the names which they are known for. Tanzania has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup.


The team represents both FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF). Previously, the team played as the Tanganyika national football team.

Zanzibar, which is a part of Tanzania (and once had its own independent nation), is an associate member of CAF and has participated in matches with other nations, but is not eligible to compete in the World Cup or the Africa Cup of Nations. See Zanzibar national football team.


  1. Aishi Manula
  2. Kibwana Shomari
  3. Mohammed Hussein
  4. Dickson Job
  5. Bakari Nondo Mwamyeto
  6. Mzamiru Yassin
  7. Salum Aboubakary Sure Boy
  8. Feisal Salum
  9. George Mpole
  10. Kibu Denis
  11. AbdulSuleiman Sopu

Kikosi cha Tanzania vs Somalia / Starting Line Up

Tanzania has struggled in both African and World Cup qualifiers since 1980, when they qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations. Their greatest performance was in 2008 Africa Cup of Nations qualification, when the Taifa Stars defeated Burkina Faso twice and finished just three points behind group champions Senegal. In 2010 Tanzania won the CECAFA Cup for the third time.

Tanzania recently achieved a historic victory when they beat South Africa 1-0 in the COSAFA Cup Quarterfinals. However, they later lost the Semifinals 2-4 to Zambia. In the Third-place match against Lesotho, Tanzania won 4-2 in a penalty shootout after extra time ended in a 0-0 draw. This was Tanzania’s greatest football accomplishment in many years.

In the 39th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, Tanzania beat Uganda 3-0 on March 24, 2019 to make it to the finals for the first time in decades. As predicted, the Taifa Stars were defeated in all three of their Finals matches in Group C.. A few months later, Tanzania qualified for the African Nations Championship for only the second time, as well as defeating Burundi in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.Kikosi cha Taifa Stars dhidi ya Somalia 23 July 2022 Official Line Up


The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) , previously Football Association of Tanzania, is the governing body of football in Tanzania. It oversees operations of the Tanzanian football league system, the Tanzania national football team, and the Tanzania women’s national team. It was founded in 1945 and has been affiliated with FIFA since 1964. Wallace Karia is the current President of the Tanzania Football Federation as of 2017


In January 2008 the Tanzania Football Federation in partnership with Peter Johnson created the Tanzania Soccer Academy (TSA), a national academy to develop football and provide full education scholarships to players.

National stadium

The National Main Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It opened in 2007 and was built adjacent to Uhuru Stadium, the former national stadium. It hosts major football matches such as the Tanzanian Premier League and home matches of the Tanzania national football team.


The 10 Best Ways to Become a Better Soccer Player

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When you hear the word soccer, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For some people, they might think of their favorite football icon like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Or they may even think of the World Cup and how they want to be a professional player one day. There are many ways to play soccer once you get past all those stereotypes. Whether you’re a striker, midfielder, or defender, soccer is a game that requires versatility and adaptability from its players. There are so many aspects to playing well as a team and being an individual at the same time. In this article we will look at the best ways for any player to become better:


Stay in shape

Soccer players are athletes and as such they need to be in good shape to perform well. A soccer player’s fitness level is directly related to his speed and agility. Players who are more physically fit will have an easier time getting to the ball and moving with it while staying out of reach of their opponents. Poor fitness will lead to a decline in your stamina, ability to accelerate, and overall speed. Fitness is the foundation on which all other aspects of your game will be built.


Learn to dribble

One of the most important soccer skills is dribbling and you should definitely practice this. Dribbling is when a player holds the ball in their control by bouncing/rolling it with their feet. A good dribbler will hold their opponents at bay and it is also a great way to create scoring opportunities. Dribbling is a skill that can be easily learned and is so important in soccer. If you can dribble, then it will be very difficult for your opponents to get the ball away from you. When dribbling, have your head up, so you can see where your teammates are, and where your opponents are.


Know how to kick and pass

This is another essential soccer skill. Like any other sport, passing between teammates or kicking the ball to other teammates is a fundamental part of the game. If you are a defender, you may not be called upon to kick the ball forward or pass it, but being able to do so can help in certain situations. When you kick the ball forward to your teammate, you should use the instep of your foot, not your toes or heel. You should also follow through, kicking the ball with the inside of your foot, with your leg straight. When you pass the ball to your teammates, you should use the inside of your foot and be sure to hit the ball where they can reach it with ease. Dribbling the ball and passing, kicking the ball, to your teammates is an important part of any game.


Be a smart defender

The best way to defend is to keep possession of the ball yourself, so that you don’t have to rely on your teammates to regain the ball. You should try to kick the ball as far away from your goal as you can and make smart passes when you have the ball. Do not give away possession of the ball unless you have to. When you are defending, you should keep your eye on the ball and be quick to react if an opponent tries to take the ball from you. You should also try to control the person who has the ball. Be aggressive and you will be able to shut down the other team’s offense!


Know your position

Of course, every soccer player wants to be a striker, but if you play a position that is less glamorous and more defensive, you would want to be the best at it. What is the best position for you to play? That depends on your strengths and weaknesses. There are different types of positions such as defenders, midfielders and forwards. Know what position you excel at and play it to your fullest!


Be patient and have determination

The best soccer players have determination. They have the desire to win. They want to play well and with that, they will kick the ball into the goal and get assists. When you kick the ball into the back of the net, you get 3 points, which is great! It is better than an average of 1 point for getting an assist! You also want to be patient on the field when you are playing soccer. Dribble the ball and be careful not to kick it out of bounds. Pass the ball to your teammates whenever you can. If you kick the ball away, it is gone, whereas if you pass the ball to your teammates, they can kick it back to you.


Take care of your body

You have to take care of your body because the better condition you are in, the more you can do on the field. This will allow you to play better, which will help your team win. One way to take care of your body is to warm up before a game. Warming up will help you stretch out and prepare for the game ahead. It is also important to cool down after a game. This will help your muscles relax. You should also eat healthy foods to fuel your body and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.



Soccer is a fun, exciting game where you get to use your feet to kick a ball into a goal, pass it to your teammates, and dribble the ball between your opponents to get the ball back. With so many aspects and skills required in the game of soccer, it is important that you try your best to become a better player. Stay in shape, learn to dribble, know how to kick and pass, be a smart defender, know your position, be patient and have determination, take care of your body, and know that you are playing a game that requires teamwork and individual skill at the same time. If you follow these steps and continue to practice, you will become a much better soccer player.Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia July 23,2022 Line Up

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