Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia 30 July 2022 CHAN Qualifiers

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Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia 30 July 2022 CHAN Qualifiers

Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia 30 July 2022 CHAN Qualifiers

The Tanzania national football team represents Tanzania in men’s international football and is controlled by the Tanzania Football Federation, the governing body for football in Tanzania, Tanzania’s home ground is Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium in Dar-es-Salaam and their head coach is Kim Poulsen from Denmark


How to Have the Best Football Team: 8 Key Strategies That Work


Let’s be honest, team spirit and team work is not always the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words ‘football’ and ‘team’ in the same sentence. Often associated with aggression, testosterone-fuelled locker room antics and players who can barely tackle a target much less run one, football has all but shed its wholesome roots to become something of an underground blood sport replete with overly aggressive alpha males who are more prone to snapping a quarterback’s collarbone than throwing an end zone towel.But let us not allow this current trend obscure the fact that football is essentially a team game played by teams of men who wear matching jerseys and so needs team spirit in bucket loads if we are ever going to see it rediscover its lost luster. But how do we breed such camaraderie? With a little help from these 8 key strategies...


Communicate and build trust

Communication is key to any successful team, but with football where there is so much physical contact and emotional investment, it’s almost vital. Team members need to feel they can be open with one another and share their feelings. This allows them to build trust, develop a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately work better together. At the same time, it’s important that communication doesn’t become a battle of egos where players try to one-up each other and outdo each other in the machismo stakes. Football, like any team sport, needs to be about the team, not the individuals.Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia 30 July 2022 CHAN Qualifiers


  1. Abdultwalib Msheri
  2. Kibwana Shomari
  3. Mohammed Hussein
  4. Dickson Job
  5. Bakari Nondo Mwamyeto
  6. Mzamiru Yassin
  7. Salum Aboubakary Sure Boy
  8. Feisal Salum
  9. George Mpole
  10. Kibu Denis
  11. AbdulSuleiman Sopu

Rotate positions

When forming a football team, it can be tempting to keep the same positions for each player each game. But by rotating positions, you can help create a better team dynamic and create better team players. It gives players an opportunity to experience each position, helping them get a better understanding of the game and each other while also contributing to the growth of their overall skill sets. It will also encourage players to work to improve their skills because they know that by rotating positions, they can get called upon to play whatever part of the game they aren’t currently excelling at.


Have scheduled practices and trainings

Practices are the perfect opportunity for team bonding. They allow players to get to know one another on a more personal level, grow better at their positions, and build camaraderie as they work towards one goal. The more time you spend with your team, the stronger your bond will become. Having regular practices also helps to keep everyone on the same page, so that players can practice and improve their skills at their own pace. It’s also important to have regular training sessions too that focus on building physical strength and conditioning. This will help players to stay healthy and able to play their best throughout the season.


Commit to a game plan

Good teams commit to a game plan, bad teams don’t. They set goals and targets, know their strengths and weaknesses, and always try to play to their strengths. They don’t shy away from challenges but also don’t make the mistake of being overconfident. They focus on their game plan, know the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents, and make sure they come away with the win.


Cheer each other on and celebrate wins

Football is a brutal sport that is bound to leave bruises and broken bones in its wake. But it’s also a game that can be easily won by those who have both their heads and hearts in the right place. A good team will celebrate their wins, but also make sure to comfort and cheer each other on during both wins and losses, too. They will do everything they can to make each other’s playing experience as comfortable as possible, and help each other to build skills, confidence, and team spirit.


Hold Players accountable for fisticuffs

This one’s simple: hold players accountable for their fisticuffs and make it clear that fighting is not tolerated. If a player has a disagreement with another player and wants to ‘talk’ it out, get them off the field in the locker room or during halftime, or somewhere where they can solve their disagreement without damaging anyone else’s playing experience. Above all, players must know that they’re being held accountable, and that fighting is not acceptable.


Coach-pitch collaboration

A football team is not just a roomful of players. It’s also a team of coaches and trainers who are there to support, coach, and train the team. By bringing this team together, you’re giving yourself more support and more people who can help you achieve your goals. You can help foster a better team environment by promoting collaboration and teamwork among the coaches and trainers by asking them to pitch their ideas and suggestions to the team.



Football is a team sport, and every team needs team spirit to be successful. To achieve this, teams need to communicate, practice, and train together; commit to a game plan; cheer each other on and celebrate wins; hold players accountable for fisticuffs; coach-pitch collaboration; and ultimately be open to the fact that they are all in this together. And with these 8 key strategies, you’re on your way to having the best football team. Now go get those touchdowns!

Time : Taifa Stars vs Somalia (Kikosi cha Taifa Stars Leo )

1600 Hours

Goalkeepers : Kikosi cha Taifa Stars vs Somalia 30 July 2022

Aishi Manula, Metacha Mnata, Abdultwalib Msheri

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