Kikosi cha Biashara United dhidi ya Yanga 15 February 2022

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Biashara United is a football club based in Musoma, Tanzania. They play at the Karume Football Stadium in the Tanzanian Premier League.


Biashara United was founded in 1990 known as Police Mara but later in 2013 it was transformed to business club the called Biashara United Mara(BUM). The team started playing in the 4th division in 1995 and got promoted to the first division in 1997. In 1998, the league was restructured and became the Premier League.

  1. Ssetuba
  2. Mangalo
  3. Lenny Kissu
  4. Salum Kipaga
  5. Madirisha
  6. Ramadhan Chombo
  7. Mwashinga
  8. Zigah
  9. Opare
  10. Deogratius Mafie
  11. Awio

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