Kikosi cha Azam dhidi ya Yanga leo 25 December 2022 NBC Premier League

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Kikosi cha Azam dhidi ya Yanga leo 25 December 2022 NBC Premier League,Kikosi cha Azam vs Yanga leo 25 December 2022, Kikosi cha Azam dhidi ya Yanga leo

Kikosi cha Azam dhidi ya Yanga leo 25 December 2022 NBC Premier League

The Azam Football Club is a professional football team that plays in the Tanzanian Premier League. It is based in Chamazi, Temeke, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The club was started as Mzizima Football Club in 2004. In 2005, it changed its name to Azam Sports Club, then to Azam Football Club in 2006. In 2010, it moved to its current stadium, Azam Complex Chamazi, which has the nickname “Wana Lambalamba, Chamazi Millionaires, or the Bakers.”

Azam FC has won 10 trophies, including the Premier League, a record 5 Mapinduzi Cups, 2 Kagame Cups, 1 Azam Sports Federation Cup, 1 Community Shield, and 1 Azam Sports Federation Cup.

During the 2013/14 season, Azam FC won the league without losing a single game. This made the club only the second (after Simba SC in 2009/10) to do so.

Azam FC didn’t lose in the league for 38 games, from the 18th round of the 2012/13 season to the 4th round of the 2014/15 season. During that time, they played 26 games and didn’t lose a single one. In 2015, the club was the first Tanzanian team in history to win the Kagame Cup without giving up a goal.

Azam FC is one of the football teams with the most fans in Tanzania. Its biggest rivals are Yanga SC, Simba SC, Mtibwa Sugar FC, and African Lyon.



Kikosi cha Azam vs Yanga leo


  1. Ali Ahamada
  2. Lusajo Mwaikenda
  3. Pascal Msindo
  4. Daniel Amoah
  5. Edward Manyama
  6. Isah Ndala
  7. Ayoub Lyanga
  8. Kenneth Muguna
  9. Prince Dube
  10. Abdul Sopu
  11. Kipre Juniour



Azam Fc History

The beginnings (2004–2005)
Azam FC began on July 23, 2004, as Mzizima FC. Workers from the Said Salim Bakhresa (SSB) group of companies, which owns the Mzizima wheat flour milling industry at Banda la Ngozi, Nyerere Road, Ilala, Dar es Salaam, started the club.

Mzizima FC was a brainchild of Hafidh Salim (who became the first Chairperson), Ali Mlungula, Seif Mshamu Kiwile, Athuman Kikila, Mohamed Saad Makununi, Mzee Chuli Ramadhan, and Babu Ayubu. Then they were joined by Abubakar Mapwisa, Seleman Mabehewa, Twalib Suleiman Chuma, Mohamed Seif ‘King’, Nassor Idrisa ‘Father’, Ibrahim Jeshi and Abdallah Hassan. They started this team as a way to have fun and relax after long days at work and to improve their social lives, health, and overall well-being.

They didn’t have a place to train, so they asked Tanzania Railways Limited (TRC) if they could use the open space at the Ilala Goods Shed. TRC gave them the go-ahead, and work to level the ground began right away.

After the field was ready, they named it “Surulele” after the famous National Stadium in Lagos, Nigeria, where the Taifa Stars played in the 1980 African Cup of Nations.

The workers, the players, were able to show off their skills on the field. The very first players are Nassor Idrisa, Salum Kakolo, Mjomba Akili, Salva Mayola, Ali Dosho, Gabriel Sebastian Manyoronga, Mohamed Kikuni, Tebela, Zabron Mihangi, Salehe Hillary, Mussa Lumbi, Hatibu Katoto, Amiri Rashid Kikwa, Hamis Jafar, Ibrahim Jaluo, Abbas Kuka, Mbaraka Shaaban Jangama ‘Cantona’, Abdulkarim Amin ‘Popat’, Hassan Jeba, Said Nachikongo, Mussa Juma, Faraj Ismail, Mazaila Athuman and James Adriano Kilongola.

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