Jezi Mpya za Simba 2022/2023 Season

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Jezi Mpya za Simba 2022/2023 Season

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Jezi Mpya za Simba Sc 2022-2023 New Jersey

As soon as this week, Tanzanian champions Simba Sc are expected to unveil their new season kits.

To compete with Yanga SC, Simba SC inked a contract with young businessman Fred Vunjabei for their jerseys. They want to create jerseys that interest their followers to be able to release their own.

Jezi mpya za Simba 2022/23

Simba Sports Club is a Dar es Salaam Tanzanian football club situated in Kariakoo.


Since its inception in 1936, the club, which split from another Tanzania Giant, Dar Young Africans, has been referred to the Queens in honor of the Queen of England. The name of the club went from Queens to Eagles, and finally Sunderland. Simba (Swahili meaning “Lion”) was renamed in 1971.

They have won 21 league titles and five domestic cups, and have competed in the CAF Champions League several times. Simba SC They’ve also won the CECAFA Club Championship six times, making them one of the most prominent clubs in East Africa.


The Benjamin Mkapa Stadium is the home of Simba. Simba was the fastest-growing Instagram account among football teams in 2022, with 1.9 million followers and an 89% increase in followers from the previous year.

The club has a total budget of Sh 6.1 Billion (approximately to $5.3 million) for the 2019/2020 season, making it one of the wealthiest in East Africa.


Where to Get Jezi Mpya za Simba 2022/2023

The Simba SC 2022/2023 jerseys will be available through Fred Vunjabei stores located in various locations in Tanzania but will also be sold in other stores as announced


Colors of Jezi Mpya za Simba 2022-2023

The new Simba jerseys are expected to be of three colors namely Red, White and the Third Kit color will be of other colors than red and white

When are the Jezi Mpya za Simba  coming out?

The new Simba Sc jerseys are expected to be released this week and will be available throughout Tanzania.Zitambue Aina 3 Jezi Mpya Za Simba Msimu Mpya 2022/2023


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There are a variety of synthetic materials that may be utilized to make football jerseys, including polyester and acrylic. The tighter the weave of a synthetic material is, the more durable it is compared to a natural fiber.


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