Is the SASSA Gold Card still OFFLINE March 2023?

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Is the SASSA Gold Card still not working as of March 2023?, Is the SASSA Gold Card still OFFLINE March 2023?

Is the SASSA Gold Card still OFFLINE March 2023?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers social grants, such as the Child Support Award. These grants help a lot of households make ends meet. These grants help a lot of households make ends meet. Beneficiaries have not been able to access their cash since yesterday, March 6, 2023, as a result of the SASSA Gold Card’s unavailability.

Does the SASSA Gold Card Remain Inactive for March 2023? Payouts for SASSA Grants
Having trouble connecting to several payment locations, including Shoprite, is SASSA’s online payment system. Beneficiaries’ withdrawal requests have occasionally been denied or rejected entirely by the system, while other times there have been no balances.

Denying access to cash that needy families who rely on social grants really need is wrong. In order to resolve this situation and guarantee that beneficiaries can swiftly access their monies, SASSA must act right away.

Through open and frequent communication, beneficiaries should be made aware of SASSA’s efforts to address the problem and given instructions on other ways to obtain their monies. If additional pay locations are not having problems with the online payment system, beneficiaries may also be able to obtain their monies directly through SASSA offices.

also look date for the revised SASSA grant payment in October 2022
In addition, SASSA needs to look into what caused the issue and put safeguards in place to stop it from happening again. The online payment system may need to be evaluated and updated in order to increase its dependability and effectiveness.

When recipients’ money are not readily available, SASSA should give them further support. In this method, families may be given emergency funding or connected to other sources of aid.

The issue of the SASSA Gold Card’s inaccessibility must be resolved by SASSA right away. The organization needs to move quickly to make sure financially disadvantaged families have access to resources to support both themselves and their children.



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