How to use Pay2cell in Botswana

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How to use Pay2cell in Botswana

The First National Bank of Botswana is a banking business located in Botswana. The bank provides sales and service channels known as FNBB Kiosk under the Pick & Pay franchise.


These kiosks may be found at Pick and Pay locations that have been converted from Score supermarkets. The bank offers three kiosks in Lobatse, Gaborone, and Francistown that provide services like as account opening, general inquiries, loan applications, credit card applications, Internet and mobile registration, and check deposits.

It has a network of over 130 automated teller machines and over 4,000 point-of-sale terminals. Customized payment, value addition, collection and receipting, cash management, funding, investment, insurance and assurance, FX and trade finance, dedicated relationship manager, operational accounts, and debit and credit cards are all available.

How to use Pay2cell

Pay2cell is simple to use, and here’s how!

You will be supplied with instructions on how to utilize the mobile payment service known as Pay2cell, which is offered by First National Bank Botswana.


Pay2cell is compatible with all mobile platforms, including feature phones, Android, and iOS, as long as the device has a USSD capability. When you buy items for delivery online through, you have the option of making payments with Pay2cell in order to complete the transaction online.

When it comes to making purchases for products and services, the vast majority of individuals in Botswana feel extremely at ease making use of Pay2cell on a regular basis. You will learn how to utilize Pay2cell by reading the instructions that is provided below.

How can I send a payment to someone using the Pay2cell service?

Please refer to this guide in order to utilize Pay2cell.


Instructions for Paying with a Cell Phone *130*321# > PIN > Banking > Payments > Pay 2 Cell > Enter Number >

Enter Amount > Confirm [Pay to Cell Instructions]

When making a payment, double check that the number you are sending your money to is correct.

Instructions to follow in order to make a payment with Pay2cell

Procedure for Making a Pay2cell Payment in Botswana

  1. Dial *130*321#
  2. Please enter your personal identification number.
  3. Select “Banking”
  4. Choose the “Payments” option.
  5. Choose the “Pay2cell” option.
  6. To pay to eg., enter the number you want to pay. 71xxxxxxx
  7. Enter the amount that you wish to be charged.
  8. Verify that the payment was made.
  9. Check out the confirmation message here.

There are several compelling reasons for you to utilize Pay2cell.

The Benefits of Using Pay2cell in Botswana

  • It is a very easy and convenient way to pay;
  • it is an instant payment method, and the money reflects instantaneously at the recipient; it is not as expensive as eWallet and other payment methods; and it is an instant payment method.
  • Memory of lengthy bank account numbers is not required to use this feature.
  • Compatible with any mobile device used in Botswana
  • Functions in rural and outlying communities, the majority of which do not have bank accounts.

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