How to Transfer SASSA Child Grant Funds to a Bank Account | Complete Guide

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How to Transfer SASSA Child Grant Funds to a Bank Account | Complete Guide

Fill out a bank Sassa bank form and submit it to Sassa if you want to receive your social grant straight into your bank account as a Sassa beneficiary. To learn more about how to alter the payment method for a Sassa social grant or a child grant to a bank account, continue reading.

Worth noting
Please be aware that you cannot submit this Sassa consent form online. The recipient and the bank of his or her choice must fill out the form, which must then be sent to the SASSA office.

Follow these steps to switch from Sassa to a bank account:

Visit the Sassa website in step one.

Download the Sassa Bank Form in step two.

Print out the form in step three.

Step 4: Take the completed form to your bank to have it stamped.

Step 5: Bring the paperwork to a local SASSA office to be processed and captured.

All you have to do is that. Your form will thereafter be processed by Sassa. After verifications, they will then deposit the social grant money immediately into the bank account.

Why must you fill out the form by yourself?

In order for the agency to approve your request to change the method of payment and the bank details, you as the beneficiary must submit the form to your local SASSA office.

The Sassa Bank Change Form is where?

The bank form is available here for download or at any Sassa regional office.

Where should the form be sent?

The form must be personally delivered to your neighborhood Sassa office. You cannot submit it online since Sassa will need to conduct some verification, such as the aforementioned fingerprinting.

Has your November Sassa Payment arrived?
If your grant hasn’t arrived, Sassa advises you to contact Post Bank.

Conversation time
Why do you want to switch to bank accounts for social grant payments? Comment below with your thoughts to let us know.

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