How to SWAP SIM Cards with Vodacom South Africa 2023

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How to SWAP SIM Cards with Vodacom South Africa 2023,How to do a SIM swap with Vodacom,how to do sim swap on vodacom

How to SWAP SIM Cards with Vodacom South Africa 2023


This article explains how to exchange your Vodacom SIM card and regain your lost phone number, including the security questions you’ll be asked, the documentation you’ll need, and the step-by-step process.

How does Vodacom Sim Swap work 2023?

Vodacom SIM switch is an easy and cost-effective method that allows Vodacom subscribers’ customers and clients to obtain, retrieve, and regain their Vodacom number if it is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Please note that when you SIM swap Vodacom for your number, it will take around four hours to complete and become active. From past experience, it is not advisable to swap SIM cards after 6 p.m., so be sure to do so before 4 p.m.


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Three Arguments For Vodacom SIM Swap 2023

How to swap a vodafone sim

The following are solid arguments in favor of SIM swapping for Vodacom:

As there are so many fraud-related incidents occurring in the country, I have chosen to offer this instruction so that you can switch your SIM card without having to rely on brokers ( who are going to demand money from you).


The majority of Vodacom customers have used SIM cards for a very long time; yet, when they purchase a new phone or smartphone, the SIM card size does not fit/cannot be inserted. A Vodacom Nano or tiny SIM is required. Therefore, the best alternative is to just perform a SIM switch into the new size.

Vodacom is South Africa’s largest and most popular telecommunications network, as well as the country’s most beloved brand. The majority of individuals utilize their Vodacom number for SASSA awards, banking information, etc. If they lose their SIM card, they cannot receive grants, money, etc.

The majority of job applicants include their Vodacom number on their resumes; if the number is lost, stolen, or damaged, the firm cannot contact the applicant.

In South Africa, the crime rate is so severe that, on average, two out of every five people have had their phones stolen, particularly in informal settlements.

Consequently, if you have lost your phone and Vodacom SIM card due to theft, etc., you may easily reclaim and regain your Vodacom number by following this guide.

This instruction is lot simpler than when attempting SIM Swap for MTN, Cell C, or Telkom!!


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What is required for a SIM exchange?

How do I retrieve my previous Vodacom number? After reading how to port from Vodacom to MTN, a large number of individuals write me this query via Facebook. Therefore, this instruction will benefit to do sim swap on vodacom

These items are required for a Vodacom SIM swap 2023

Register the new SIM card in your name with a new Vodacom starting pack SIM card ( this is very important). You should register it under your name.

Your ID, proof of address, or affidavit (this is not required whether you conduct SIM swap online, by phone, or with USSD code; you only need it if you visit a Vodacom outlet).

Vodacom sim swap: how to get a lost phone number 2023

Vodacom Sim exchange can be accomplished in three methods;

Dial 136
Using Vodacom SMS
Dial 136 when going to the Vodacom office
Follow the instructions below:

Insert the newly registered Vodacom SIM card, i.e. ricad, into your phone.
Allow it to be active for approximately three minutes, then dial 136 from it.
You will be asked whether you wish to perform a SIM switch from this number or another number; select the option to use this number.
Then, you will be automatically connected to a contact center consultant.
The call center agent will ask you some questions and perform the SIM exchange on your behalf.


The following questions will be asked by the Vodacom SIM swap consultant at the contact center:

Your last three call recipients
The most recent airtime you purchased.
The device you last inserted your SIM card into ( this is very important)
Once you provide the correct response, the SIM switch will be accomplished.
Now, turn off your phone and wait at least four hours before turning it back on; you will hear a welcome message from Vodacom.
Dial 100 to hear your balance; then dial *111*555# to check your phone number.

Using Vodadom SMS
One of the most often asked questions is, “How can I perform a SIM switch using Vodacom SMS?” Follow the instructions below.

Text ‘portme’ followed by your new SIM number (the 20 digit number on the Vodacom starting pack you just purchased and ricad) to 082 767 8287 from your phone.
This approach does not work for SIM swaps; it only works for porting, i.e., transferring your number from another network to Vodacom (e.g., MTN, Cell C, or Telkom) while keeping your number.

Going to the Vodacom Office or Store
If the aforementioned techniques fail, simply bring the following documentation to the local Vodacom outlet:

Your ID ( South African)
Your Passport, Immigration Status, or Permit ( if you are a foreigner)
Affidavit and evidence of your address
How can I recover my lost Vodacom number?


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Questions asked frequently?

How can I swap SIM cards without phoning Vodacom?
Simply dial 136 and follow the on-screen prompts.3 Ways To Sim Swap Vodacom

What is Vodacom’s WhatsApp number for sim swaps?

Currently, the Vodacom WhatsApp customer service number is 0820098624. The Vodacom care assistant is named TOBi, so after you add the number to WhatsApp and describe your SIM swap issue, you will be assisted.

Please remember that you can swap Vodacom SIM cards without contacting TOBi via WhatsApp or phoning 136.How to do a SIM swap | By Vodacom 2023 in South Africa



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