How To Determine If A HDMI Cable Is Working

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How Can I Tell If My HDMI Cable Is Working?, How To Check Whether An HDMI Cable Is Working?

How To Determine If A HDMI Cable Is Working

We have all used HDMI cables with a variety of modern devices because we know how beneficial they are:

  • a crucial component of contemporary home theater systems.
  • You can use it to connect your Blu-ray player and TV.
  • To your television, add other gadgets.

How do you determine if your HDMI cable is operating properly, though? You can determine whether or not an HDMI cable is working by following this step-by-step tutorial.

How To Test Whether An HDMI Cable Is Working

You may now relax knowing that your HDMI cable is in working order and prepared for your upcoming movie night after inspecting the connections and using an HDMI tester. You can quickly and simply resolve any HDMI cable problems with the help of this article.

How Can I Tell If My HDMI Cable Is Working?

Examine the Connections

If your HDMI cable has been giving you trouble, you should examine the connections. Ensure that both sides of your HDMI cables are plugged in properly. Make sure the HDMI cables are plugged into the proper ports on the back of the TV if you’re using a wall-mounted model. People frequently make the error of accidently inserting their HDMI cable into the incorrect port.

If the HDMI cables are properly plugged in, try disconnecting and replugging them. Sometimes doing this will reset the cable and fix connectivity problems. If the problem persists, try a different HDMI cable.


Alternate Your Device

If your HDMI cables are properly connected and you are still experiencing issues, try a another device. If you’ve been using a new gadget with your HDMI cable, try an older one. If you’ve been using an older gadget with your HDMI cable, try another one. This will allow you to determine whether the issue is with a device or your cable.

If the issue persists, there might be an issue with your HDMI cable. Even though you can use the device without a problem with a new HDMI cable, your original HDMI cable is probably the issue.

Start your gadgets again and connect them.

The best way to get your HDMI cable to function again is to restart and reconnect your devices.


1. Before anything else, unplug all of your device’s HDMI wires. After that, completely turn off all of your electronics, including your computer, monitor, and TV.

2. If you’re using a laptop, unplug the battery and power cords.

3. Reconnect the power cords and batteries after waiting five minutes. Reattach the HDMI cords to your equipment.

4. Lastly, turn on the computer and TV sequentially.

If this doesn’t work, your HDMI cable might need to be changed.


Utilize an HDMI tester to test the cable.

It can occasionally be challenging to tell whether or not your HDMI cable is functioning properly. In these circumstances, you can check your cable for damage with an HDMI tester. A tool used to inspect HDMI cables is known as an HDMI tester.

Make sure the HDMI tester you choose is compatible with the cable you’re using. While some HDMI testers work with all HDMI cables, some can only be used with specific kinds of cables.

The tester won’t find any problems with your cable if it is operating properly. If your cable passes the tester, it indicates that it is in perfect working order, but your device might not be.



Examine the HDMI device settings.

Your device’s settings, not your HDMI cable, are what’s keeping it from functioning properly. Open Device Settings on your device after plugging it in to check the settings. Make sure the HDMI settings are correct by looking for them.

You can choose one among the available ports if the HDMI device you use has several ports. You can also confirm that the HDMI mode on your device is the appropriate one. Make sure your TV is in HDMI mode if you’re using one. When utilizing your gaming system, make sure it is in HDMI mode.



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Change Your HDMI Cable

Try a different HDMI cable if you’ve done all of the above but your current one is still not functioning properly. If your new HDMI cable functions well but your old one does not, your old HDMI cable is probably damaged.

Another issue is that even though you are using a brand-new HDMI cable, your TV, game console, or other device is still not working. Here, you must either buy a new device or fix your current one.

So now you now know whether or not your HDMI cable is defective. You can absolutely solve your problem if you correctly follow all the instructions. We’ve concluded here in the hopes that you found it useful.

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