How to Check NSFAS Statement?

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How to Check NSFAS Statement?


Once you have been authorized for an NSFAS bursary, you will still be responsible for checking your account on a regular basis and ensuring that your study school has received all of the required cash for you to continue enrolled in your program. NSFAS will also provide you with a stipend each month to cover other expenses related to your education, such as housing and food. Here’s how you can keep track of your balance, see your statements, and manage your account while studying.


How do I Check my NSFAS Statement?

Follow these simple steps to check your NSFAS statement online via the MyNSFAS portal:

Go to the NSFAS website.

Log in with your username and password by clicking the “MyNSFAS account” button. If you don’t already have an account, you can set one up by clicking the “Register” button.
Once logged in, go back to the “MyNSFAS account” page and select “My statements” from the drop-down menu.
Here you will be able to view and download your most recent and past NSFAS statements.

If you are having trouble viewing your statement, please call the NSFAS contact center at 08000 67327 or send an email to [email protected]



How do I Check my NSFAS Balance Online?

If your NSFAS application qualifies for allowances, they will be deposited straight into your NSFAS wallet. This permits you to spend your stipend at any merchant who has been approved by NSFAS and is registered with them. While an SMS code is available, online balance checks are far more handy. This is how you may check your NSFAS balance online.

You will not use the My NSFAS portal, in contrast to many other NSFAS functions. You should instead go to This is the NSFAS eWallet official portal. You will need access to your NSFAS-registered cellphone number as well as your password. Log in to the portal, then navigate to ‘transactions’ to view your NSFAS wallet balance.

Note that your cell phone number is a vital element of the deposit process, so if you change or lose access to it, notify NSFAS right once and have it updated across your account. This can also be done using your My NSFAS site. To stop people fraudulently exploiting your assets, you should always use a number that is always accessible to you and that you control.

How do I Check my NSFAS Reference Number?

After submitting your application and supporting documents, you should receive your NSFAS reference number by SMS and email. It’s critical to keep this number somewhere safe where you can immediately retrieve it if needed. If you can’t recall your reference number, you can find it on My NSFAS. Simply log in to the portal and perform the following actions:

Choose the ‘track my application’ option.
Under the ‘application details’ area, your reference number will be displayed.
If you like, you can track your NSFAS application by Whatsapp by dialing 078 519 8006.

How do I access my NSFAS funds?

As previously stated, you can check your NSFAS Money through SMS or online. The internet site to utilize is, not the standard My NSFAS portal. This is their official student allowance eWallet. But, you can view your NSFAS statement on My NSFAS. Dial *134*176# instead and wait for the code to run. Then type in your password. Choose Option 2. (Query). You can see your balance and transactions from here.

Because the NSFAS bursary grant is linked to your cell phone number, it is vital that you maintain it safe and secure. Do not give out your phone number or password to anybody else. If your phone is lost or stolen, or if your phone number changes, you must immediately update NSFAS (or change your number on the My NSFAS portal). If you do not, your allowance will be paid improperly and cannot be retrieved, therefore this is critical. We believe it goes without saying that you should never intentionally allow anybody to access or use your NSFAS funds for anything other than the authorized purpose.

Budgeting wisely and handling your money like an adult, with your academic goals in mind, is part of appropriately using your NSFAS scholarship to further your study. While it may be tempting to think of your allowance as “fun money,” it is intended to assist you keep housed, nourished, and safe while studying for your tertiary diploma.

Fortunately, NSFAS has made it incredibly simple to track your money, which is the first step toward maintaining a monthly budget. If you are not used to managing your own finances, you can always seek help from your educational institution’s student support program. They are used to first-year students who are fresh to the adult world and will be able to put you in the right direction. You should also notify them if you are being urged to spend NSFAS cash on items you should not. Have fun on your academic adventure!


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