How to Check Balance of Vodafone In Germany 2023

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How to Check Balance of Vodafone In Germany 2023

How to Check Balance of Vodafone In Germany 2023

Germany: Telekom, O2, and Vodafone are the three main cellular providers in Germany, and they all provide a variety of options. Nearly all plans give unlimited minutes and text messages, but only a small number of plans continue to offer restricted minutes, text messages, etc. Additionally, you may view the top 5 business and tourist-friendly mobile plan options from German cellular providers. Some customers, such as brand-new users, visitors, or business workers, could find it difficult to maintain track of their consumption and may be caught off guard when they receive alerts of heavy usage.

Shortcodes (USSD codes) are the quickest way to check account information, balance, the validity of the phone plan, and many other things like direct recharge, call forwarding, etc. It is better to keep an eye on usage and to get details of phone plans for which shortcodes (USSD codes) are the fastest way to check usage.

Mobile in Germany
The list of useful USSD codes for Telekom, O2, and Vodafone subscribers can be found below. By using these codes, customers can access certain crucial details about their phone plans.

T-Mobile customers can call Deutsche Telekom, formerly known as D1 De TeMobil, by dialing the following USSD codes from their phone’s dial pad.

1. Dial *135# to check your phone’s account information

2. Dial *100# to check the balance of your prepaid credit.

3. Dial *100*2 to view the current call duration.



O2: The following USSD codes are available for use by O2, formerly VIAG Interkom and E-Plus users.

1. Dial 100 to verify the Account Manager

2. Dial *101# to check your prepaid credit.

3. Dial *102# to verify that the prepaid card is still good.

4. For information on tariffs, dial *107#

5. To check the balance, dial *100*1#

6. Type *100*2# to verify the time left.


The following USSD codes can be called by Vodafone users (previously D2 Mannesmann).

1. Dial 100 to verify the Account Manager

2. Dial *102# to see how much the most recent call or connection cost.

3. Dial 104 to check your balance.

4. To check the balance of your account, dial *106#

I hope that this post is useful to both you and the numerous visitors and enterprises who travel to Germany for a brief time yet are unaware of these USSD codes. Please leave a remark with your thoughts and experiences.



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