How to buy a Hollywoodbets voucher using Capitec Bank App

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How to buy a Hollywoodbets voucher using Capitec Bank App

How to buy a Hollywoodbets voucher using Capitec Bank App

How to buy a Hollywoodbets voucher using Capitec Bank App

South African gamblers can enjoy the benefits of Hollywoodbets, one of the most trusted and widely used online gaming platforms in the world, thanks to the site’s extensive library of sports betting options and user-friendly design.

If you want to access your favorite sports betting games on Hollywoodbets immediately, you can do so with the help of a digital cash OTT Voucher.

Capitec bank customers can participate in this exciting new kind of online gambling by purchasing vouchers in a few clicks.


Tutorial on how to use Capitec to acquire a Hollywoodbets voucher.

  1. To get your OTT Voucher, visit their website.
  2. Choose the monetary value of the vouchers you need. Users can choose from a range of R10.00 to R3,000.00 in increments of R10.00. You may also replace R34.00 with another value.
  3. After deciding how much to buy, simply enter your phone number in the corresponding box.
  4. Next, decide on a suitable mode of payment. You can choose between two different payment methods: Ozow and CallPay.
  5. Click the “Pay Now” button.
  6. After selecting the Pay Now option, you will be sent directly to the payment processor’s page. Click the “Capitec” option under “Financial Institutions” to choose it.
  7. Sign into your Hollywoodbets account online.


To add money to your account, choose the option to add funds using a voucher. Simply key in your voucher number in the designated section to have your Hollywoodbets account credited with the appropriate amount.

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FAQs: Answers to Your Burning Questions

Can I buy an OTT Voucher via the internet?

A valid OTT Voucher can be bought from the OTT website. Once your transaction has been processed, you will be given a voucher number that may be used to fund your betting accounts.

Depending on your preferred method of payment, the payment gateway will either produce the unique number automatically or send it to your phone by short message service (SMS).


Can I use my Capitec account to buy an OTT Voucher?
When purchasing an OTT Voucher from the official website, you can use funds from your Capitec account to instantly fund your voucher.


To what kinds of credit cards does Capitec accept?

You can buy an OTT Voucher from Capitec using either Ozow or CallPay, two of the industry’s most prominent payment processors.


Fourthly, may I use my Over The Top (OTT) Voucher to make a deposit into my Hollywoodbets account?
Yes, after purchasing an OTT Voucher using your Capitec account, you may easily fund your Hollywoodbets account with a Top Up voucher by visiting the site, logging in, and selecting the appropriate option.


When transferring money to your Hollywoodbets account, how long will it take?
After entering your Hollywoodbets OTT Voucher code during account funding, the credited funds will be immediately made available for wagering.


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