How to appeal sassa srd grant

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How to appeal sassa srd grant,Grant appeals for sassa srd


How to appeal sassa srd grant

How can I get SASSA to change its mind about not giving me an R350 grant? I have no UIF money to get.
In short, yes.

You can go to the SRD grant site for SASSA.

The whole question

To Grethen,

SASSA says I have UIF money, but I haven’t worked in a while, so my R350 SRD grant was turned down.

The long response

Firstly, you need to confirm with the UIF that you are not owed any money. You can sign up for uFiling here: uFiling is the government website where you can check and claim UIF. If you are owed money, you should use the uFiling website to fill out the form to claim your UIF benefits. Then, when you no longer owe money to the UIF, you can apply again for the R350 grant. You can call 0800 030 007 or send an email to if you need help.

If you are not owed any UIF money, should make sure that all the information you gave SASSA is correct. Here is where you can do it: When you’re done, click “Save.” It will send you to the SRD DSD Appeal Electronic Platform, which is where you can file your appeal.



On the SRD website, you can also appeal your application:


1. Visit

2. Type in your ID number and the phone number you used to apply.

3. Click the “send pin” button and then do what it says.

You can use the same link as above to find out how your appeal is going.

Check out to learn more about the reconsideration process (this link will download a PDF)

You can also call 0800 601 011 or send an email to to talk to SASSA.



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