How Much is a Set Top Box In South Africa 2023

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How Much is a Set Top Box In South Africa 2023


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How Much is a Set Top Box In South Africa 2023


In South Africa, how much does a set-top box cost? Numerous people have been asking that question. Decoders and set top boxes share similarities. South Africa switched to digital terrestrial television on March 31, 2022. (DTT). You need a set-top-box in order to access the SABC and other free channels. For those who qualify, the government offers free set-top boxes. You could obtain one at your neighborhood post office, but you had to fall below a specific income cutoff. You’ve come here because you want to buy a set-top box so you can watch SABC without a DSTV subscription. What is the cost?

Set top box cost

The following are the prices for set top boxes in South Africa;

Set-top-box Price Monthly subscription
OpenView R649 Free
DSTV R379 From R29/m
Digital TV Decoder
DVB T2 + S2 Combo
R599 Free




We provided a response to the query “how much is a set top box” in this post. We mentioned that if you want to watch free channels in South Africa, including all of the SABC channels, you need a set-top-box. One of the choices is to obtain a free set-top box from the government.

Only individuals with a monthly salary of R3500 were eligible for this choice. You must look for a set-top box if you fall outside of this category. In this regard, there are numerous alternatives. Purchasing DSTV is one alternative. OpenView is also an option. Additionally, you can purchase a TV that says “Go Digital” or “DVB-T2.” These people can receive DSTV without a set-top box.



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