How Long Does Unisa Refunding Take?

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How Long Does Unisa Refunding Take?

Beneficiaries of the government bursary system get monthly payments to help them pay for their university education. These allowances and reimbursements, however, are issued by the institutions students attend, which may require days of waiting.


The University of South Africa (Unisa) has announced that it would pay student allowances and refunds using a new Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) function.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides these allowances and reimbursements (Nsfas). Nsfas allowances will be processed by Unisa twice a month. Each month, students may get their allowance in the beginning and last weeks.

Unisa said refunds can take up to 15 days to reflect in a student’s account. This is on condition that the student qualifies for a refund and has updated their banking details.


Here Are the Procedures That Unisa Will Follow When Paying Nsfas Allowances

If a student is eligible for a refund and/or allowance, an email including all the necessary information and a secure link to a website where the necessary banking information must be input and submitted will be sent to the student’s myLifemail account.

Students must carefully read the email before clicking the link that will allow them to enter and submit their banking information. Students should only utilize their active bank accounts, according to Unisa. Payments to accounts belonging to other parties are not accepted and won’t be handled. The account information will be compared to the student ID number for verification.

The verification status of the information that the students provided will be shown. This might not happen right away. Students are recommended to check the URL again until this data becomes available.
Students must enter their banking information again and double-check it is accurate if the bank account verification is unsuccessful or denied.


Unisa is South Africa’s largest distance learning university. They offer a wide range of courses which you can apply to be part of for the 2023 academic year.


Is the registration cost refundable by Unisa?

Refunds. All NSFAS-funded students who pay the minimum registration fee to activate their registration will have their registration fees returned. A reimbursement will be handled only when NSFAS has certified satisfactory registration data processing to Unisa. A refund application is not required.


How can I get my NSFAS refund?

To obtain a refund, you must complete a refund form. The document must be stamped at the bank and filled out with a legitimate bank account under your ID number. Please send the form to [email protected] Please keep in mind that your refund will be processed within 21 days after receiving the confirmed refund form.


To view the outstanding balance on your account:

  • Log into myUnisa.
  • Click myAdmin in the menu bar.
  • Click on the financial information link on the left.


Can the NSFAS support you for six years?

If you qualify based on the means test, NSFAS will only assist you for a maximum of five years, depending on the money available each year. If you regularly switch courses and take longer than five years to finish your degree, you will be responsible for your own expenses until you graduate.


Below are the monthly allowances that NSFAS is going to give to approved students for funding in 2023.

NSFAS Allowances Categories NSFAS Monthly Allowances for 2023
Learning Materials (Books) R433
Living Allowances R1250
Incidental Allowances R241
Travel Allowances R625
Accommodation Amount based on what your institution charges


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How Much Will NSFAS Give Students Per Year 2023

The NSFAS will give the following allowances to students in the year 2023. The total sum was calculated by multiplying the monthly allowances by twelve.

NSFAS Allowances Category NSFAS Yearly Allowances
Learning Books R5,200
Personal Care/Incidental R2,900
Living Allowances R15,000
Transport R7,500 (up to 40 KM from school)
Accommodation Amount based on what your institution charges


Duration of Unisa Refunds,How Long Does Unisa Refunding Take?,How long it takes for a Unisa refund,How Long Does It Take to Get Your Unisa Refund?, Unisa refund times

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