How Do You Change Your Payment On The Spotify Mobile App?

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How Do You Change Your Payment On The Spotify Mobile App?, How To Change Payment On Spotify Mobile App?


How Do You Change Your Payment On The Spotify Mobile App?


One of the most popular music streaming services on the market, Spotify has about 180 million members. While many users are content with Spotify’s free, accessible version, others decide to pay a monthly fee to access Spotify Premium’s numerous advantages.

If you are a paying subscriber to Spotify, your billing details and preferred payment method are already saved. But if your credit card expires and you wish to use PayPal to pay for Spotify instead, you may alter it.

How Do I Change My Payment On The Mobile Spotify App?

Method of Payment in the Spotify App
Numerous payment methods are available in the Spotify app; the names of all of them are shown below.

a) a credit card

b) debit card

c) a prepaid card

d) a PayPal account,

e ) gift cards.
f) pay with a mobile device
f) consumption-based compensation



In the Spotify app, change your payment method.
The Spotify App offers the following way for altering payment.


A) Spotify PC Payment Change Instructions

Customers now find it simple to use Spotify’s platform. Spotify offers desktop and web browser listening options in addition to its mobile apps for music, podcasts, and songs. Although the Spotify desktop application for Windows and macOS is useful, you cannot alter your payment method using it.

Any browser must be installed on your Windows computer. To upgrade your payment method on Spotify, make sure you are online and follow these steps:

Go to the “Spotify website” by opening your default browser.

your email address and password. The “profile picture” for your account can be found in the top right corner of the screen.

Choosing “Accounts.”

Choose the “Your plan” submenu by swiping down.

Click “Update” under “Payment” to make changes.

Select the “New Payment” option.

On your subsequent billing date, Spotify will charge the newly added payment method for the subscription.



B) How to Modify Spotify Payment on an iPhone

Like you and I, many Spotify users like to listen to songs on their mobile devices. The iPhone version of the Spotify app is simple to use and has a ton of fantastic features. However, using the app, you are unable to adjust your Spotify payment method. Use the browser on your phone in its place. On your desktop browser, updating your billing information might be more straightforward, but occasionally, you only have an iPhone.

What you need to correctly update your Spotify payment method is as follows:

On your “iPhone,” launch a browser such as Safari or Chrome.

Log into your account at “Spotify” by going there.

Click on your profile photo, then select “View Account.”

Select “Payment” after “Your Plan” in the menu.

Enter a new payment method after tapping “Update.”

A temporary authorization fee may occasionally be charged by providers when you add a new payment method to Spotify.


C) Modifying Payment Settings in Spotify on an Android

The new version of the music app, Spotify, is available for Android phone users to download from the Google Play Store.

However, you can only update the payment method using a mobile browser; it is not feasible to do so using the Android mobile application. Fortunately, it goes quickly, especially if you know what to do.

After that, carry out the following procedures to update your Spotify payment method:

Open a browser on your “Android device,” be it Chrome, Firefox, or another.

Visit Spotify and sign in using your login information.

Tap “View Account” after selecting your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.

Choose the “Your plan” submenu by swiping down.

Click “Update” after selecting “Payment.”

Change the way you pay. On your subsequent billing date, Spotify will deduct your subscription cost and store the updated information.



Questions and Answers

Is it possible to modify the Spotify payment date?

You can’t change your current payment date if you already have a Spotify Premium subscription because Spotify doesn’t provide this feature. Nevertheless, if you require a different payment date, temporarily switching to the Spotify Free plan may be the answer. When your desired billing date rolls around, you can upgrade to a Premium membership. To better manage your finances, you essentially unsubscribe and then resubscribe.


What Payment Methods Does Spotify Accept?
There are numerous ways to pay on Spotify, albeit local variations might be present. But in the majority of nations, Spotify users have a variety of payment options, including PayPal, gift cards, debit and credit cards, prepaid cards, and even some mobile phones.

Are Spotify Payment Receipts Visible?
Go to your account page to view all of the receipts for your Spotify membership if you’d like. But if you choose the Premium option, Spotify will deliver email receipts right to your mailbox.

Is There A Free Trial On Spotify?

Spotify does really provide a free trial. The free Premium advantages are always available to new customers, even if these promotions could change. However, bear in mind that free trials are only available to new users. This option won’t be accessible if you’ve already utilized a free trial, have been a Premium subscriber since the beginning, or have previously purchased the Premium Family plan.

This is it, too! You’ve successfully updated your Spotify payment method. You may always get more support from Spotify’s help center if you run into any issues with the procedure.



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