HESLB Loan status 2022/2023 – HESLB Loan allocation 2022/23

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HESLB Loan status 2022/2023 – HESLB Loan allocation 2022/23, HESLB Applicants Loan Status 2022/2023 | HESLB loan status 2022/2023, HESLB loan application status 2022/2023.

HESLB Loan status 2022/2023 – HESLB Loan allocation 2022/23

Majina waliopata Mkopo 2022/2023 HESLB Names of Loan Recipients

Get Detailed information about HESLB loan application status 2021/2022.  We have compiled for you the HESLB loan application status 2022/2023 and other details. The Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) was established by HESLB Act (CAP 178) and became effective in July 2005. HESLB is mandated to, among others, issue loans and or grants to needy and eligible students. HESLB loan application status 2022/2023.

The Higher Education Students Loans boards (HESLB) shall be responsible for assessment of applications against the set criteria. HESLB may seek any further information to substantiate claims made by the applicant. All loan applications will be done through Online Loan Application and Management System (OLAMS). This can be accessed by the following links.HESLB Applicants Loan Status 2022/2023



  1. Log in to HESLB with your Form Four Index Number and password.
  2. Navigate to the Student Information System.
  3. Navigate to the Student tab.
  4. Select application status.
  5. Check application status.

About HESLB 2022/2023

HESLB executes one of the key mandates in administering loans to students pursuing higher education. Every year, the Board prepares the Loan Application almanac to guide on the process of loan issuance to needy and eligible students. As per the almanac, Loan Application Window opens once annually. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are eligible are invited to apply.HESLB Loan status 2022/2023

Criteria on eligibility and the application process is stipulated in the Loan Application Guideline for the respective year which can be downloaded on this site. Prospective applicants are encouraged to read the guidelines carefully, prepare the prerequisites and make their application online through the Online Application and Management System (OLAMS)


Loan Repayment General information

The Higher Education Students Loans Board (HESLB) is tasked by its establishing Act, under Section 7(i) to recover all the due loans extended for former students since July 1994 so that the same money can be used to lend other students, thus rendering the loans scheme sustainable and ensuring a revolving fund.


1. Submit list of graduate employees with diploma or degree within 28 days from the date on which such person is employed. Use the format below:

S/N Check Number/ PF. Number Full Name as used during study Form Four Index Number With Year of completion (o-level) Mobile Number Current Name (If changed) University/College attended Year of completion (University) Academic Award

2. Effect 15% deductions from basic salary for billed beneficiaries in payroll

3. Obtain from HESLB  the employer control number and effect the monthly remittances through GePG

4. Submit the proof of payment and deduction schedules to HESLB before 15th date of the subsequent month

Employed beneficiary:

1. Inform your employer on your student loan and submit required details

2. Track your loan repayment status to completion

3. Request for loan clearance from HESLB


Self-employed beneficiary and diaspora:

1. Request for your loan statement

2. Use the control number indicated in your statement to make payment

3. Repay atleast TZS. 100,000 every month to furnish your loan

4. Track your loan repayment status to completion

5. Request for loan clearance from HESLB



1. All payments are done through GePG by using control number

2. The control number remains unchanged

3. Request for clearance from HESLB upon completion of your loan

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