Get Tanzania National ID Online – NIDA Number Online

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NIDA To get a National Identity Card, you must first complete the following four steps: 1.Registration – biographic data
Applicant’s identity, citizenship, and age as indicated above in the criteria of each group during registration should be brought to the registration / registration office (Copy) of identification papers, citizenship, and age as specified in the requirements of each group during registration.


2.Biological identification
This registration procedure includes reviewing the applicant’s information in the system, capturing the fingerprint, photographing the applicant, and installing an electronic signature that meets the applicant’s fundamental criteria.

The candidate should avoid wearing white, pink, gray, blue, or blue-colored clothing to ensure the image’s quality and attractive look. To place on a hook during biological marking or to wear any form of headgear during photography.
To make this process easier, the applicant is asked to bring original documentation for confirmation of their citizenship, age of birth, passport, primary and secondary certificates, driver’s license, health insurance cover, identification, and voter identification of the woman to the office / registration center.

Here’s where you can get a copy of your National ID (NIDA).

3. Reservation and verification
At this time, the National Identity Authority (NIDA) is processing citizen objections to residents who have applied for access to the National Identity, as well as final verification of applicants before they begin typing and distributing IDs to residents who have completed the biological marking stage (photographs, fingerprints and electronic signatures).
NIDA receives input or concerns about applicants for the National Identity for local inhabitants in collaboration with Local Security and Security Committees, security agencies, and people in general.

Citizens can provide written objections to the reasons for the objection by identifying deficiencies that they have discovered, based on their citizenship, age, name, picture, and residence of the applicant, by filling out a special form on the relevant street or informing NIDA by writing to us at the address of SLP 12324 Dar es Salaam, based on their citizenship, age, name, picture, and residence of the applicant by filling out a special form on the relevant street or informing NIDA by writing to
NIDA encourages individuals to be patriotic and come forward to compare their information with that of other applicants and to voice their concerns without prejudice, bullying, or discrimination.

4.Distribution of National Identification Cards

The applicant should go to the registration office in their respective districts or follow the instructions / advertising posted in the region to receive identification and a receipt from NIDA after biological marking is completed.




How To Get Tanzania ID Number Online

  1. You may go to and on the menu region,
  2. Click on “Identity Card Online Copy.
  3. Then answer the questions and write your National Identification Number (NIN).
  4. After that, you can download it.


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